Trophies: Sacred 2 – Fallen Angel

  • Living Monument – Your Temple Guardian reaches Level 15.
  • Walker – Any Hero completes a quest in the Orc Region during the Campaign.
  • Wanderer – Any Hero completes a quest in the Dragon Realm during the Campaign.
  • Traveling Person – Any Hero completes a quest in the Marshes of Hissil’Ta during the Campaign.
  • Adventurer – Any Hero completes a quest in the Deserts of Bengaresh during the Campaign.
  • Globetrotter – Any Hero completes a quest in the Jungle Region during the Campaign.
  • Discoverer – Any Hero completes a quest in the Isle of Dyrads during the Campaign.
  • Expedition Master – Any Hero completes a quest in the Wastelands during the Campaign.
  • The Dreaded One – Your Inquisitor reaches Level 15.
  • Completed Stage 10 – Place first in all four events in Stage 10.
  • Diligent – Any Hero has solved 20% of all sidequests. (100)
  • Junior Cartographer – Any Hero has explored 30% of the map.
  • Hero of Tyr Lysia – Your High Elf reaches Level 15.
  • Tomb Raider – Any Hero has read 100 epitaphs (graves).
  • Polytheist – Any Hero has explored all 20 Temples.
  • Bookworm – Any Hero has read 33 Books.
  • Ascaron Fan – Any Hero has found the Ascaron secret.
  • City Guide – Any Hero has explored all 42 towns.
  • Group Hug – Any Hero plays alongside three other players in multiplayer mode.
  • Hospitable – You hosted your first multiplayer match.
  • Hawker’s Tray – You successfully traded with another user.
  • One with Nature – Your Dryad reaches Level 15.
  • Expert – Any Hero has maximized one modification of one aspect.
  • Millionaire – Any Hero owns 1,000,000 gold.
  • Great Enhancer – Any Hero has forged something into an item for the first time.
  • Tightwad – Any Hero has completed the main quest without buying anything.
  • Hunting Presence – Your Shadow Warrior reaches Level 15.
  • Blessed – Your Seraphim reaches Level 15.

  • Bright Savior of Ancaria – Any Hero has completed the Light campaign.
  • Dark Ruler of Ancaria – Any Hero has completed the Dark campaign.
  • Survivalist – You completed the campaign with a Hero who never died.
  • Purposeful – Any Hero has finished with no more than 20% of the map being explored.
  • Fighting Machine – Any Hero has slain 25 boss monsters.
  • Master Cartographer – Any Hero has explored 50% of the map.
  • Extremely Diligent – Any Hero has solved 40% of all sidequests. (200)
  • Fashion Victim – Any Hero wears 1 complete Set for the first time.
  • Zero to Hero – Acquire a special trick within 30 seconds of the race start.
  • Legendary – Any Hero reaches Level 35.


  • Platinum – Acquire all trophies in Sacred 2
  1.    2623 XP
    nis-gens's avatar

    waarvoor zijn de secret totaal hidden ๐Ÿ˜ doe gewoon onder spoiler xD

  2.    673 XP
    Younistyle's avatar

    Heel wat Secrets tussen…
    Hoe krijg je die dan ooit te weten???
    Door ze echt te doen of krijg je hem te zien als je eentje onder of boven hebt behaald?

  3.    2144 XP
    jimke1's avatar

    ffff stom spel vind ik

  4.    2623 XP
    nis-gens's avatar

    @Younistyle: heb je dat nog nooit gezien bij een game :O

    door te halen

  5.    3422 XP
    sjoerdgames4's avatar

    Ook weer lekker veel trophies. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6.    229 XP
    csvichf's avatar

    dit lijkt my dus een hele leuke game voor op de ps3 ๐Ÿ˜›

    alleen de critic scores op de pc zijn niet al te goed dus ik hoopte dat de console ver wat beter zou worden

  7.    6677 XP
    Myx's avatar

    Dat zijn er weer wat, mr spel zelf lijkt me niet leuk op de ps3.

  8.    656 XP
    Killermen's avatar

    @nis-gens: Eh, mss omdat ze nog niet geweten zijn? :/

  9.    4204 XP
    afca-yuri's avatar

    Secret trophie’s zijn best kut, maar na een paar dagen kun je toch wel via internet vinden welke het zijn. Best veel in deze game trouwens