Trophies: Hamster Ball


  • Guinea Pig – Complete all non-bonus levels in Hustle Mode.
  • Typical Rat – Complete all levels in Stunt Mode.
  • Field Vole – Get Apple Award in all Trial Mode levels.
  • Flying Squirrel – Make an incredibly long jump and land successfully with ‘Jumper’ hamster.
  • Long Legged Marsupial – Reach an unreal speed with ‘Speedy’ hamster’s ability.
  • Restless Cavy – Destroy 150 obstacles with ‘Spiked’ hamster throughout the game. Trophy statistics are counted for completed levels only.
  • Prudent Chipmunk – Win a level with 55000 score points.

  • Gnawer Chief – Complete Hustle Mode with more than 500 seconds in Time Pool.
  • Rodent King – Find all
  • Vermin Champion – Get Watermelon Award in all Trial Mode levels.
  • Super Porcupine – Defeat 6 opponents in single match in Sumo Mode.
  • Familiar Beaver – Complete all non-practice Hustle levels with single hamster type.
  1.    4204 XP
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    Vroeger dit soort spelletjes wel eens op die gratis gamesite’s gedaan. Best lache opzich