Trophies: Noby Noby Boy

  • SECRET 10 – Take 10 inhabitants for a ride.
  • SECRET 20 – Eat 20 inhabitants.
  • SECRET 100 – Stretch BOY to a length of 100m.
  • SECRET Bye-Bye BOY – Meet up with Bye-Bye BOY.
  • SECRET The BOY House – Rotate the roof of the BOY House.
  • SECRET The Space Squirrel – Find the Space Squirrel.
  • SECRET BOY Quiz Expert – Answer all questions correctly in the BOY Quiz.

  • SECRET 765 – Report a length of exactly 765m to GIRL.
  • The Prince – Take the Prince for a ride.
  • SECRET Unproportional – Make BOY’s body grow thicker while keeping his head small.
  • SECRET Combined Character – Create a combined character by eating an animal and a human or a fruit and a human.

  • Eat Your Words! – Eat the words NOBY NOBY BOY within the manual or in the staff credits.
Uitleg en video van de aankomende Noby Noby Boy multiplayer modus
Gepubliceerd op 25 apr, 2009 om 15:00
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