Bayonetta komt pas in januari 2010 uit voor ons Europanen en in oktober is de game al beschikbaar in Japan. Demonstraties van Bayoneta zijn tot nu toe alleen gedemonstreerd op de XBOX 360 maar de mannen van hebben deze week een demonstratie gehad van Playstation 3-versie van Bayoneta. Ze vertellen dat de Playstation 3-versie van de game er niet zo goed uit zag. Het zag er erg blurry uit en heeft een slechte framerate melden de mannen van 1up. Tevens meldt 1up dat we binnenkort een demo van Bayoneta kunnen verwachten. Een exacte datum van de demo hebben we helaas niet. Uitgever SEGA zal toch wel haast moeten maken want in Japan verschijnt de game al over één maand.

While the 360 version on display looked crisp and smooth, the PS3 version was very blurry and the framerate was all over the place. During one portion of the demo, a crazy scene where you are jumping off of falling parts of a giant clock tower, it was often hard to keep track of the action because of the graphical issues on PS3.

Since Bayonetta’s announcement, the developers have said that the game would look similar, if not identical, on both platforms. It seems interesting that Sega chose to show the PS3 version for the first time in this form, though this doesn’t mean the finished game will run this way — in fact, we’d assume that Platinum will be using the time before release to continue polishing it. We asked a Sega of Japan public relations representative about the differences between the two versions, and he said the two would be “the same,” but he wasn’t able to elaborate on specifics.

After playing the game, we sat through an interview session where producer Yusuke Hashimoto confirmed that a Bayonetta demo will be coming soon, and that it will be something that will be cool for people who eventually buy the game to go back to. We’ll have to wait to see if he meant “soon” for the Japanese audience, or also for U.S. players, however, since the game is on track to ship in Japan in late October and the U.S. in January of next year.