De lead game designer van SuperBot Entertainment, Omar Kendall, heeft vandaag in een gesprek met Siliconera onthuld dat het eigenlijk de bedoeling was dat PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale een capture the flag game had moeten worden.

“There were all sorts of little gameplay demos and prototypes. When I talk about the last version of the game before we settled on the current incarnation was this 4v4 capture the flag kind of game. It was a class based game where you had fast runners who were good at capturing the flag and taking the flag back to base. You had defensive dudes. We were taking PlayStation characters and using them like archetypes.”

PaRappa the Rapper zou bijvoorbeeld een snelle renner zijn, in contrast met Sweet Tooth van Twisted Metal, die een verdediger was. Het prototype begon al op zijn plek te vallen, maar er werd uiteindelijk toch voor gekozen om een fighting game te maken.

“How do we get four dudes looking all looking at the same thing on the screen in the same room and a brawler style game is what was finally landed on. Once that was locked in in terms of hiring key personnel like myself, Paul Edwards, our lead combat designer, all of those people started coming in to specifically work on the four player brawler,”

Omdat de ontwikkeling van PSABR zo goed als afgerond is, werd Omar Kendall gevraagd of Superbot Entertainment overweegt de capture the flag game uit te brengen, bijvoorbeeld op het PlayStation Network of een ander medium. Hierop antwoordde hij:

“No, honestly. Two years ago right now that was the kind of game that was being worked on. So, it’s not that old,” Kendall replied. “We really pivoted and started making a four player brawler about almost exactly two years ago. While I agree the capture the flag game is personally interesting and I’d love to develop that into something someday, who knows? We felt like the four player brawler, the time was right, the talent was right, and the opportunity was right to bring it out right now.”

Het klinkt zeker als een interessant concept. Denk jij dat ze de goede weg zijn ingeslagen met PSABR?