Het lijkt ineens nieuws te regenen over de aankomende toptitel Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Zo hadden we je net blij kunnen maken met hartstikke veel gameplay beelden van Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Je vraagt je nu natuurlijk af waar al dat nieuws vandaan komt? Dit omdat er gisteren in Los Angeles een evenement was van Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Nu kunnen we je blij maken met wel heel veel sappige details over de games welke je hieronder kan bekijken. De mannen van Computerandvideogames.com waren namelijk aanwezig op het evenement te Los Angeles en hebben natuurlijk alles uitgevogeld en alles op een rijtje gezet.

Zo wordt uitgelegd welke nieuwe maps beschikbaar zijn. Waaronder een map in de favela’s van Brazilië, een woestijngebied en een gebied in een dichtbebouwd gebied waar je rond kan sluipen en je een verrassings aanval proberen op te zetten. Tevens wordt er uitgelegd welke nieuwe perks er zijn, het zijn helaas niet alle nieuwe perks maar wel een aantal. Waaronder de perk ”Bling”, welke je de mogelijkheid geeft om twee attachments op een wapen te zetten. Dit is iets waar de fans heel lang op gewacht hebben. Want wie wil nou geen silencer én een dikke scope op zijn wapen? Daarnaast hebben we nog de perk ”Ensuring” welke ervoor zorgt dat je automatisch kogels én granaten van je vijanden oppakt welke gestorven zijn. Ten slotte hebben we de perk ”Commando” dit zorgt ervoor dat je van een langere afstand je vijanden kan neersteken met de mes. Alle details zijn hieronder te bekijken.


A quick description of some of the new maps we’ve played.

Afghan: A rocky desert area with the ruin of a jumbo jet in the middle. We’d avoid hanging around here for too long as it’s surrounded by some high cliffs and bunkers that snipers will love. We suspect most of the action will come at the top and bottom of the map where caves and ledges make everything a bit more intense.

Favela: A claustrophobic shanty town broadly divided into high-up rooftops and narrow ground level passageways.

Highrise: A more unusual urban setting, Highrise comprises of a half-finished highrise building with interior and exterior areas and a series of metal beams high above that can be used a sniper points. If you’re clever it’s possible to work your way from one side of the map to the other without being detected to launch a surprise attack from behind.


Perks are now upgradeable – each perk has its own ‘challenge’. When you’ve completed it you unlock a pro-version of the perk.

There are obviously a whole load of new perks but so far we’ve seen:

Bling: This gives you the ability to use two attachments on a single weapon, ie. you can tote the red dot sight and the grenade launcher at the same time.

Scavenger: Using this you grab ammo from enemy corpses automatically, ensuring you never run out of grenades.

Commando: Rubbing in the humiliation of a melee kill even further, the Commando perk gives you longer range on your stabbing attacks.


Fist-pumping when you unleash one, potentially devastating when someone unleashes one on you, kill-streaks are back, upgraded and renewed. As well as the unlockable AC130, already teased by Infinity Ward via a much-analysed YouTube video, these are your basic kill streaks:

Get 3 kills: UAV – So how’s this different to the last UAV from CoD 4 you might well ask? Ah, well you see, you can shoot this little bugger down.

Get 4 kills: Counter UAV

Get 4 kills: Care Package – By calling in an airdrop with a smoke grenade, a random reward is jettisoned to you. We’ve seen it give out a simple ammo refill and an instant advanced kill streak. Which was nice.

Of course, these are open to rest of the players on the map too, and show up on their radars. The tactical side of this is they can be used as cannon-fodder magnets.

Get 5 kills: Sentry Gun

Get 5 kills: The Predator Missile – This fly by wire missile not only lays the smackdown on its targets but also gives you a brief aerial view of the battleground.

Get 6 kills: Precision airstrike

Get 7 kills: Attack helicopter

Get 11 kills: AC130


These are aimed at assisting less able players (read n00bs) and are the opposite of the Kill Streaks. If a player dies four times in a row without scoring a kill they are awarded a bonus (which has to be unlocked first). Here’s the two we saw. (We died three times on PURPOSE, of course):

Copycat: This is the first you unlock and gives the player the chance to steal his killer’s class for one round. Now they can see what it’s like to have a good weapon.

Painkiller: Gives players an extra ten seconds of health after they respawn.


You are no longer limited to a pistol as your secondary weapon. Available to you are a selection of machine pistols, shotguns and rocket launchers.

We can see this pleasing (spit) career snipers the most, as now they have a more powerful option if they get caught in close-quarters. Those rocket launchers come in useful for blowing UAVs AC130s and choppers out of the sky too.


These no longer refer to just red dot sights and scopes (which are still there), in MW2 attachments refer to ‘skills’ as well. The already revealed ‘Akimbo’ attachment for example allows a player to dual-wield weapons, and ‘Rapid Fire’ which is kind of self-explanatory. Suppression has also been made available on sniper rifles.


To up the ante in the war zone Infinity Ward has added a number of new weapons that you’ll be able to use in your special grenade slot. We can see advanced players becoming experts with these very quickly so our advice is get in there early:

Semtex Sticky grenades (Anyone remember how good the sticky bombs were in TimeSplitters 2? No? Oh.)

A throwing knife (Getting killed by this is going to suck.)

A blast shield (Offers greater protection from explosions)

Tactical insertion (Sounds like it should be painful, but actually grants you the ability to chose your own respawn point. Useful for nobbling the person who just killed you from behind).


By swapping out your primary weapon for a riot shield you can completely change your strategy. You’re limited to using the riot shield as a defensive wall (it takes a fair few bullets) to distract and hold up an enemy but the advantage is you can can cave their heads in with it as well. If you swap to your secondary weapon the riot shield is hoisted onto your back to act as an ass protector.

Incidentally, using the riot shield in objective based matches like capture the flag still gets your team points, even if you are just using it as a distraction method rather than to kill enemies.


Callsigns are a new way of rewarding players. Acting as a kind of big customizable plaque, they pop up when you get a kill or perform a specific action. Callsigns include a title, an insignia (not tied to your level), a background (there are loads of these to unlock) your gamertag and rank. More on these when we’ve explored them a bit.


This should stop those baby players quitting out and ruining the game for everyone else. Now games won’t terminated if the host switches of their machine. A small, but fairly significant improvement.