Trophies: .deTuned

  • Zoom – Use the camera controls to zoom in or out.
  • Pump – Use the pump controls to pump up and release completely an effect.
  • Crank – Use the right stick to crank up an effect.
  • RTM – Read the… Help Screen.

  • Combo – Issue any two button combo.
  • Demo – Watch the demo mode to the end.
  • Jarig -Look at Rob dancing.
  • Elephant Dance -Dance with four elephants around the chair.
  • Detune – Upload some music to your system, play that music while playing with detuned, and maximize one of the distortive sound effects.

  • Explorer – Use all Modes at least once in a session.
Boxshot .detuned


Sony Computer Entertainment

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  1.    369 XP
    matthijs222's avatar

    lol, merk je dat niemand hier op reageert?
    XD (just noticing)

  2.    515 XP
    Dead-M's avatar

    Die trophies klinken nogal simpel + doelloos. : Watch the demo to the end
    ??? kbedoel maar, wtf man krijg je silver voor

  3.    354 XP
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    :O zo zinloss xd

  4.    74 XP
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    en in welke store vindt je deze game?