Trophies: Buzz: Quiz World

  • Team Tactics – Play an online game that involves four players in your household against four players in another household
  • Socialite – Play an online game that involves at least three of your PlayStation Network friends and others
  • Home is where the Buzz! is – Launch Buzz! from PlayStation Home
  • Fastest Fingers – Be fastest to answer every question in a round of Fastest Finger correctly
  • The Artful Buzzer – Steal from every player in the game in one round of Point Stealer
  • The Cream Reaper – Pie every player in the game in one round of Pie Fight
  • Hard Boiled – Achieve boiling point in a fast time
  • Dark Horse – Answered correctly when On the Spot and nobody thought you would
  • Human Catapult – Gunged everyone and stayed on the floor in Over the Edge
  • Happy in my skin – Keep one profile active and unchanged
  • Cross Dresser – Regularly play as a character of the opposite sex
  • Picker Onner – Repeatedly pick on a player with a pie or a pilfering
  • Stag Party – Play a game with only male player profiles
  • Hen Party – Play a game with only female player profiles
  • Kick ‘em while they’re down – Pie, and eliminate, or steal from someone who is in last place by more than 1500 points
  • Kleptomaniac – Pointless theft! You stole from a player who had no points
  • Sui-Pied – Pie, and eliminate, yourself from a round of Piefight
  • Dirty Rascal – Taunt during the round summary of three different rounds in one game, and be in last place during each of them
  • Not your day – Get Pied, Gunged, Bombed and Stolen from in one game
  • Snap Happy – Have a photo taken for each moment
  • Proof reader – Be the first to play a quiz that has not been played
  • Denture wish your girlfriend was hot like me? – Make Gran whip her teeth out during a round summary
  • That’s a keeper – Save one of your photos to the XMB menu
  • There’s always one – Wind everyone up with the buzzer noise select screen
  • Filmed in front of a live studio audience – It really was! And you have the photos of you all to prove it
  • I love you guys! – Enjoy back to back rematches against players in an online game
  • Don’t make Buzz angry – you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry
  • Buzz! Face On! – Upload one of your photos to

  • Look good for the cameras – Use all the costumes for each character in a full game
  • You’ll never have to work again – Win every prize
  • MyBuzz! your face off – Play and rate 50 different MyBuzz! quizzes
  • Time Bandit – Score over 3200 points in one round of Stop the Clock
  • Soft Boiled – Achieve boiling point in a super-fast time
  • Last Man Standing – Be the last person alive at the end of Pie Fight, Over the Edge and Final Countdown in one game
  • Under the Radar – Finish a Crazy game without getting Pied, Bombed, Gunged or Stolen from
  • Popular Author – Quizzes you have written have been played by more than 100 different people
  • Quality Quiz Writer – A quiz you have written has been played by 25 different people and has over 2.5 stars
  • Weekend Warrior – Play a game of Buzz! every weekend for three consecutive weeks
  • Host with the most – Have 10 online game invites accepted
  • Guest of honour – Be invited to an online game by five different friends

  • Sofa Slayer – You or someone playing in your house has won 25 online games
  • Master Quiz Writer – 10 quizzes you have written have each been played by 25 different people and have over 2.5 stars
  • I <3 Buzz! – Play every type of game Buzz! has to offer

  • You’ve got the whole Quiz World, in your hands – Win every trophy – then give that giant brain of yours a rest.
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Buzz! Quiz World

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