Afgelopen maandagavond werd tijdens de persconferentie van EA voor het eerste de multiplayer van Battlefield 4 aan de buitenwereld getoond. Het tofste nieuwtje dat we tot dan toe wisten is dat de multiplayer nu ook op de consoles met 64 man te spelen is, maar er is uiteraard meer!

Vandaag zijn er namelijk enkele nieuwe details naar buiten gekomen van de multiplayer rondom de wapens, voertuigen en de Commander. Enkele opvallende details zijn het feit dat Battlefield 4 nu ook nieuwe granaten introduceert als flashbangs en smoke grenades. Tevens zullen squads nu bestaan uit vijf man in plaats van vier en zullen kogels in je clip vergaan bij het voortijdig reloaden. Hieronder de volledige lijst met bevestigde details.

Infantry gameplay / weapons

  • Pistols: Secondary weapons (pistols) can now be customized with attachments such as flashlights and silences — no more different versions of the same guns as in BF3.
  • Grenades: several types of grenades can now be equipped besides regular explosive grenades. Flashbangs, smoke grenades, and incendiary grenades were spotted.
  • Gadgets: there are two gadget slots and they are shared for all gadgets in the class, meaning that you can fully customize what you want in those two slots.
  • Recon class now features the “motion ball” sensor from Bad Company 2, and the Recon also carries C4 this time.
  • Main weapons can be equipped with two sights — a scope and iron sights.
  • Grips: there are several new weapon grips in the game, such as angled grip, in addition to the fore-grip, etc.
  • Knives: there are different knives in the game, such as a shank knife, the regular Ka-Bar, and more.
  • Knife attacks can be countered/blocked.
  • Suppression is toned down for all weapons except machine guns.
  • Water: players can now shoot while in water, and they can sprint as well. Players can dive underwater as well.
  • Ammo / Med kit: there are two types of ammo and med kits now, the larger ones which constantly heal/resupply, and smaller ones that instantly heal/resupply, but are used up immediately by the soldier.
  • VOIP will be availble on PC in-game.
  • Battlefield 4 squads now include 5 players.
  • Spectator Mode is confirmed.
  • Chinese faction confirmed.
  • All-new voice acting for multiplayer characters.
  • Reloading: if you reload a clip before its empty, you lose the bullets in the clip.
  • New weapons confirmed (among others): AT4 rocket launcher, RPG-7, Stinger, M320, Saiga-12K, P90, M4, M416, and Scout Elite.
  • “Perks” are given to squads depending on how well they’re playing.


  • New vehicle disabling feature. It’s now based on where the vehicle is hit.
  • Tires can be shot out, making it harder to steer and operate a vehicle.
  • Battlefield 4 helicopters now get night vision.
  • Chinese Type 99 main battle tank confirmed.
  • Chinese WZ-10 attack helicopter confirmed.


  • The Battlefield 4 Commander doesn’t count towards overall player count, so it’s 64 players + 2 commanders.
  • Mobile Commander can only be played on tablets such as iPad — no phones are supported.
  • Commander can use a mini-screen to see what every soldier on the map is seeing.
  • Commander can give orders to squad leaders, who can accept or refuse the order