Sinds de release heeft Sony Santa Monica de multiplayer van God of War: Ascension goed weten te ondersteunen met fixes voor oneffenheden en nieuwe toevoegingen. Inmiddels is het alweer tijd voor een nieuwe patch en dat is versie 1.11. Deze is nu beschikbaar voor download en dit brengt de onderstaande veranderingen en toevoegingen met zich mee.

Multiplayer map

  • Furnace of Archimedes – Marked by Archimedes’ colossal tribute to the god Apollo, the Isle of Delos is haunted by madness. Within the belly of this wonder, lies an enormous forge ready to consume any who try to stoke its flames. Months in the making, our latest free epic map, Archimedes’ Furnace is now available to play in Team Favor of the Gods 4v4, Match of Champions 8-player, and Capture the Flag.

Olympian weapons voor de Ascension modus

  • The Blade of Olympus
  • The Trident of Olympus
  • The War Hammer of Olympus
  • The Claws of Olympus

Fixes en balans aanpassingen

  • If a player leaves an in-progress 1v1 Bout of Honor match, that player will get an automatic loss
  • Gauntlets of Zeus – L1+Square no longer can break a block.
  • Gauntlets of Ares – L1+Square Triangle finisher can now break a block and will glow red.
  • Fix for Ascension/War Hammer of Ares: Player can charge the Hammer for an extended period of time when the Hammer is at Rank 2 or higher in Trial of the Gods mode.
  • Spear of Hades – Concussion zone adjustment where the L1+Triangle sometimes wouldn’t hit a player when used while standing right next to him.
  • Centaur Spear – Fix for targeting on the Co-op move, L1+Square (which was flagged as both Parry Allowed and Block Break) no longer breaks block.
  • War Hammer of Poseidon – Fix for Armor on Co-op move. Adjusted the heal to a smaller version that has a lower timeout – fixing the issue that can happen where this heal has no effect.
  • Fix where Artemis Sword’s Self Heal was being reduced by the player’s Elemental Resist.
  • War Hammer of Ares now uses the L1+Triangle charge attack move rather than looping back to later in the uncharged attack after charging up. In Trial of the Gods this caused an infinite loop while trying to use the charged attack.
  • Helios Hammer – Fix so the AI version of the Air L1+Triangle correctly occurs when the attack happens.
  • Fixed for Hephaestus Hammer losing 3% Physical Resistance at rank 2.
  • Added elemental damage multiplier for L1+triangle instead of physical damage.