Infinity Ward heeft weer een nieuwe patch uitgebracht voor Call of Duty: Ghosts en deze draagt patch nummer 1.05 op de PlayStation 3 en 1.07 op de PlayStation 4. De patch is op wat minieme verschillen qua fixes verder identiek aan elkaar en zoals gewoonlijk hebben we hieronder de volledige changelog.


  • Improved performance issues caused by spamming.


  • Fixed crash in CODeSports play.
  • Fixed spawn crash for specific maps/modes.

Additional fixes

  • Fixed a few map specific spawn issues .
  • Fixed lobby migration closing the create a class screen.
  • Fixed not showing attachments and weapon camo for players while in private match lobby.
  • Fixed dog’s extended kill not showing properly in final killcam.
  • Fixed loadouts appearing restricted if a restricted perk was selected in specialist strike package even though specialist wasn’t equipped.
  • Fixed split screen UI issue that could potentially leave player in a bad state.
  • Fixed issue when selecting store from squads.
  • Fix to remember spectator team when switching to freecam in broadcaster mode.
  • Fixed issue with loading into specific maps with ghost mask equipped Fixed a few map specific spawn issues.
  • Fixed a few map specific spawn issues (appears to be PS3 only)