Als één PS4-game op het moment voor veel frustraties zorgt bij gamers, dan is het Battlefield 4. Men klaagt massaal over het feit dat de game niet af is en vol met bugs zit en EA heeft zelfs al aangegeven DICE niet op andere projecten te zetten tot de game gefixt is.

Het is alleen niet zo dat ze de bugs allemaal in één patch kunnen fixen, maar men is al hard op weg met de nieuwe patches die vandaag zijn uitgebracht voor PS3 en PS4. Op de PS4 is nu audio aangezet in captures, iets wat eigenlijk een hele lullige bug was, zoiets ontstaat immers alleen door niet goed genoeg te testen.

Ook zijn de crashes bij veel vrienden gefixt op PS4 en de befaamde ‘one-hit kill’ bug is verholpen. De volledige changelog, vrijgegeven door DICE, vind je hieronder.

Dec 5 PS4 Game Update Notes

Fixed the “one-hit kill” bug where bullets were sometimes applying their damage multiple times to a character. This could lead to firefights where normal rifles sometimes dealt one-shot kills, which is not as designed.
Fixed a crash that could occur when having a very large amounts of Friends
Enabled audio in PS4 video captures

Dec 5 PS3 Game Update Notes

Reduced the risk of a crash when transitioning from one multiplayer round to another
Fixed a crash that could occur when creating decals (bullet hit effects, etc.)
Fixed a crash that could occur when leaving vehicles
Fixed a crash that could occur when moving outside of the intended play area
Fixed a crash that could occur when firing the MBT and IFV gunner incendiary weapon
Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the Options menu
Fixed a problem with weapon accessories using up too much memory, which in turn could lead to crashing
Field Upgrades Reactivated

We have now fixed the Field Upgrades “Indirect Fire” and “Perimeter Defense” that were crashing the game. These Field Upgrades were previously deactivated as a workaround to this very frequent crash. With this fix in place we are now reactivating the Field Upgrades in question.

One-hit Kill Bug Fixed
Fixed the “one-hit kill” bug where damage from a single bullet sometimes was applied multiple times. This could lead to firefights where normal rifles sometimes dealt one-shot kills, which is not as designed.

Improved Hit Sync
We previously removed interpolation of damage events (like you taking damage from someone shooting at you) to make them feel more responsive, but that made the damage sync suboptimal. We are committed to tweaking the sync so that it will stay more true to what you are actually seeing. The first step towards this is taken in this patch, so you should see some improvement on this now. We will continue to work on improving hit sync in the game. This change is already live on PS3, PC, and PS4, and will go live on Xbox One and X360 in upcoming patches.

Miscellaneous Fixes

Fix for stuck in infinite loading screen
Fix for flares exploit where you could deploy flares faster by leaving and re-entering a vehicle
Moved an infantry spawn point on Rogue Transmission at first base that was previously positioned outside of combat area
Adjusted AT weapon at first base on Rogue Transmission from second floor barrack to outside on ground. Previously, players had to destroy a wall in order to reach the weapon
Performance fix when firing upon large destruction objects (mostly after Levolution events)
Minor performance optimizations
Fix for destroyed object parts still being visible in the game world
Smoother movement of networked objects (like vehicle turrets)
Fix for audio randomly dropping out when driving a US tank
SP/South China Sea: Added collision for place where player could get stuck

One-hit Kill Bug Explained
We are seeing reports from people that this is still present, with descriptions such as “I came around the edge of a building and died instantly”. It is important to understand that this is not the One-hit Kill Bug, that is another issue that we are working on addressing. For this, it is important to understand how some of the interpretations made by the game happen so that you can understand the difference.

We saw an issue where a bullet travelling towards an opponent would cause damage in one frame, and then again in the next frame. Therefore bullets would cause 2x damage if they hit the target between these two frames. This issue has been addressed.

The issue of dying before you saw who shot you is a different beast. We use a term called Interpolation in reference to where you are in the game world. There are instances where the death camera is initiated before the correct internet packets have arrived to be interpolated by your camera. This gives the impression that you were killed by “one shot” as someone came around the corner of a building. We have identified this issue and will address it in upcoming updates.