Guerrilla Games blijft Killzone: Shadow Fall goed ondersteunen met zowel downloadbare content als patches. Patch 1.20 is inmiddels uitgebracht en deze brengt natuurlijk weer een aantal fixes met zich mee.

Ook de changelog van patch 1.20 is bekendgemaakt en hieronder alle details.

Online collectible system

  • Insurgent Pack DLC owners now receive a speed boost when they shoot a collectible crate. To offset this advantage, we’ve also added a particle effect that makes them more visible on the battlefield – even when cloaked. Both effects last until the end of the round.

User Interface

  • The score board is now split up in teams.
  • The name of the player that placed the spawn beacon has been added to the spawn select screen.

Custom Warzones

  • A pre-game wait time option has been added to the Custom Warzone creation screen.


  • Various minor bug have been fixed.

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