Gisteren zijn we flink verwend met de PlayStation Store update. Zo werden we verwend met de demo van Battlefield: Bad Company 2 en de multiplayer demo van Alien vs. Predator. Het zal je vast en zeker wel opgevallen zijn dat de demo van Alien vs. Predator enkele problemen bevat. Het is bijvoorbeeld erg moeilijk om een game te joinen. Ontwikkelaar Rebellion Studios heeft gelukkig laten weten dat ze op de hoogte zijn van deze problemen en dat er een patch in ontwikkeling is.

We’re pleased to say later in the day the issue was corrected and a small patch to the PC executable next time you launch it from Steam will have you finding and playing games using Quick Match as it was intended.

While this issue did not affect the Xbox 360, we are with SEGA’s assistance investigating reports of a similar nature on the PlayStation 3 and working flat out on a solution.

The full game features the ability to browse for and create games but for the purposes of simplicity the demo was limited to matchmaking, alongside the ability to set up groups with friends which mitigated yesterday’s issues for many.

We’re really sorry that this issue tainted a day in which we saw many people get hands on with AvP for the first time and we’re hugely gratified by the positive feedback to the game.