Trophies: End of Eternity


  • First Contact – He defeated the enemy can win trophies at the first time.
  • Fasutokonpurito – You can earn trophies when you clear the mission first.
  • Pursuit – Trophies can be won during the first successful pursuit.
  • Attack Resonance – Trophies can be won during the first resonance of successful attack.
  • Let overhand – One of the characters can win trophies when LV100 reached.
  • Serial Shot – 500 consecutive winning trophies can achieve when you hit.
  • Resonance Tri – Resonance points 20 or more when you can win trophies.
  • Actors Inbinshiburu – The number of attacks to win the trophy in 1000 when Inbinshiburu action has been reached.
  • Heavy Hornet – Chase 100 to win trophies at times successful.
  • Ekusutorimusupaika – 100 Chi Toshi can win a trophy at times successful.
  • Professional Hunter – Can win the trophy in 3000 when the defeated enemy body.
  • Materiarukorekuta – The area of the enemy destroyed during the 3000 trophy to win total.
  • Slow Thousand – Throwing weapons can earn trophies when the pitched since 1000.
  • Golden Hand – The state removed the equipment, the enemy can win trophies when defeated body 30.
  • Big Shots – Give one shot of the damage to the enemy when you can earn more than the 2000 trophy.
  • Materiarukurieita – Synthesis and degradation can win trophies when done 200 times.
  • Kureijishoppa – 500,000 purchase of clothing and accessories that you can earn trophies when you reach the ruby.
  • Kasutamaizumaesutoro – Consolidated the number of custom parts that can be acquired at more than 10 trophies.
  • Semiopen Basel – Half of the Basel, you can earn trophies when you can pass.
  • Terminal 4 chain – Four different terminals connected when one can win trophies.

  • Platinum Trophy – All trophy. Completely dominated the end of eternity!
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