Heb je je wel goed kunnen vermaken met Lollipop Chainsaw, maar wil je nog meer zombies, bloed, rondvliegende ingewanden en vooral een grote portie chaos gecreëerd door een stel sexy dames? Dan is Onechanbara de gamereeks om in de gaten te houden. Eind deze zomer, namelijk op 28 augustus, zal deze game in de winkelschappen te vinden zijn exclusief voor de PlayStation 4.

    Key Features

  • Zombie-Slaying Action has Never Looked So Good – The bikini samurai squad of Onechanbara return armed with a plethora of new moves and new Dare Drive or Xtasy demonic transformations for short bursts of intense power
  • Four Lovely Ladies, Four Unique Playing Styles – Each of the playable ladies has her own unique weapons and abilities, and players may tagteam among them on the fly or even perform team combos
  • Tons of Customization and Replay Options – In addition to the series’ most involved storyline to date, Mission Mode provides specific challenges to complete, while skilled gameplay will unlock Yellow Orbs which can be exchanged for new gear and outfits to help earn a top spot in the online leaderboards
  • A Suave, Stylish Soundtrack Supported by Dual-Language Voice-Acting – In addition to the funkiest, catchiest and most outlandish soundtrack the franchise has ever known, players may also choose whether to enjoy the gameplay experience with the original Japanese voices or – for the first time in series history – a full English dub