Mad Max ligt donderdag in de winkels en voordat je met de game aan de slag kan gaan zul je wel eerst nog even een ‘day one’ patch moeten downloaden. Deze patch weegt 400MB en is voornamelijk bedoeld om wat oneffenheden aan te pakken in de game, zodat de ervaring nog iets beter wordt.

Hieronder de changelog van patch 1.01.

  • Story Missions – Enhanced Story Mission flow, dialogue, cutscenes, and languages.
  • Wasteland Missions – Enhanced Wasteland Missions flow, random encounters, and camps.
  • Stability – Save/load system and gamewide stability was improved upon.
  • GUI/HUD – Fixed some button callouts and icons that were not displaying correctly.
  • Open World – Fixed several issues with NPC assets, camera manipulation, currency gathering, vehicle combat, collision, movement, and fast traveling.
  • Animations – Multiple animations were tweaked for Max, Chumbucket, the garage, and open world assets.
  • Audio – Voice over timing was tweaked.
  • Capture Mode – Fixed camera clipping into the world issues specific to Capture Mode.
  • Leaderboards – Fixed some instances of cutoff text in the Opus Wars leaderboards.
  • Pause Menu – Tweaked several settings and options selections.
  • WBPlay – Improvements in service connectivity.