Trophies: Nier


  • Combo Fanatic – Pull off a 50-hit combo.
  • The Magic Man – Learn every type of magic.
  • Wordsmith – Collect 50 percent of all words.
  • Village Handyman – Complete 10 quests.
  • Jack of All Trades – Complete 20 quests.
  • Man of Means – Accumulate 1,000,000 pieces of gold.
  • Educated Warrior – Read the final novel segment.

  • Combo Master – Pull off a 100-hit combo.
  • Weapons Collector – Find every weapon.
  • Go-To Guy – Complete 30 quests.
  • King of the Lost Shrine – Defeat Gretel within two and a half minutes.
  • A True Friend – Defeat a berserking shade within one minute.
  • Boss of the Junk Heap – Defeat P-33 within four and a half minutes.
  • Scourge of the Aerie – Defeat Wendy within eight and a half minutes.
  • Protector of Facade – Defeat Roc within three and a half minutes.
  • Permission Granted – Defeat the betrayers within two and a half minutes.
  • A Dirge for the Hero – Defeat Goose within two minutes.
  • Soul Crusher – Defeat the betrayers within three and a half minutes.
  • Book Burner – Destroy the world-saving tome within one and a half minutes.
  • The Once and Final King – Defeat the Shade inside you within three and a half minutes.
  • The Strongest Bond – Defeat someone you care for within three and half minutes.
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