Trophies: Puzzle Chronicles

  • Humble Beginnings – You’ve learnt what to do. Every hero has to start somewhere.
  • Zombie Hunter – You don’t need a shotgun or chainsaw to defeat the Undead, just a weapon and some gems.
  • Basilisk’s Bane – With all the dead snakes in the jungle, maybe you should open your own restaurant.
  • Giant Slayer – The arena may miss him, but you won’t. After all, he was just a big purple dude.
  • Skillfully Done – Now you’re beginning to look like a Hero.
  • Dungeon Delver – Monsters beware, lest your head end up on the wall.
  • Dog Trainer – Okay, he’s house-trained, but can he herd a bunch of sheep?
  • Craftsman – You’re getting good at this whole crafting business.

  • Story’s End – Our hero’s saga may go on, but this part of the story is over.
  • Conquering Hero – You’ve shown the world you’re no pushover.
  • Finder of Secrets – Persistence isn’t its own reward, secret locations are!

  • Deathbringer – That’s it! There’s nothing else to do.
Boxshot Puzzle Chronicles

Puzzle Chronicles

Infinite Interactive
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