Er zijn nieuwe Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End singleplayer screenshots verschenen op een Italiaanse gameswebsite die hun preview iets te snel online gooide. Morgen loopt het embargo af van de eerste Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End previews, een klein aantal journalisten kreeg onlangs namelijk de kans om de game alvast te proberen. Samen met deze preview zijn er ook nieuwe screenshots vrijgegeven, die dus nu al te bezichtigen zijn door het te snel online zetten van Spaziogames.

De preview zelf verdween snel weer offline, maar je hebt natuurlijk altijd mensen die weten dat het bewaren van screenshots wel zo slim is. Een stukje van de tekst in de preview hebben we ook nog, deze kun je hieronder lezen. Het origineel was wel in het Italiaans, dus hieronder tref je de Engelse Google Translate versie aan.


Preview Spaziogames

Never before in this chapter are the fatal events to lead our to make the difficult decision to leave for distant lands is not the promise of a millionaire treasure, nor the fame and glory; but a dramatic situation that can overturn the cards on the table.

The desert environments with strong colors red blood that stand before the players are in fact fully explorable and at first glance seem to propose different approaches to the mission: in fact the suspension of disbelief does not have such a long life, the locations are built so that they can recreate the feeling a huge open space despite the existence of a single junction and only need the continuation of the story.

The immense landscapes stand out on the retina of the player, featuring a broad and rich in minute details; details that only a few software companies in the world are able to carve and donate to their productions.

Uncharted 4: End of a thief managed to dispel almost all of the (very few) doubts that tormented me before the single-player test, carried out last Friday behind closed doors in that of Milan. The game seems to granite in every aspect: the story of this new chapter starts from a premise more mature than previous episodes – without neglecting the typical humor of the series – while the already solid gameplay has been touched up with some interesting additions and supported by a level design that allows a variety of different approaches. The only question appears on the narrative front: Naughty Dog will be able to reconcile the lockout and masterful storytelling of previous episodes with the new (albeit apparent) freedom of action typical of this fourth chapter? There are only a few weeks to find out, but on May 10 has never been so far away.