Trophies: Clash of the Titans


  • Offer Gifts – Reinforce one Sub Weapon.
  • Bull’s-eye – Successfully perform a Perfect Sub Weapon Seize.
  • Hat Trick – Successfully perform Perfect Sub Weapon Seize three times on one enemy.
  • Soul Slaughter – Defeat 100 enemies with Soul Seize.
  • Sword Dance – Perform 30 hits in 7 seconds using a dual-wield attack.
  • Battering Ram – Send 5 enemies flying with one Hammer attack.
  • Adamantine Axe – Defeat 5 enemies at once with one Axe attack.
  • Attack Ballista – Defeat 10 opponents in quick succession with one Bow attack.
  • Wrath of the Anemoi – Defeat 10 enemies at once with one Wing attack.
  • Deadly Poison – Stun 3 enemies at the same time using the Tail attack.
  • Won’t Let You Die – Use a ‘Healing Core’ 5 times to recover the health of a dying support character.
  • The Grace of Erebus – Activate a ‘Dark Blade’ Underworld Core attack and successfully connect 50 times consecutively.
  • The Pyre – Use a ‘Flame Core’ attack to defeat each type of undead monster, except undead bosses.
  • Impenetrable Defense – Defend 100 enemy attacks using a Barrier.
  • The Body of a god – Use the ‘Spirit of Argos’ to take down 5 enemies at once.
  • Aesthetic Destruction – Using the Battle Song on Perseus, destroy part of the ‘Skeleton King’.
  • Partner – Play 2P Mode for the first time.
  • Trusting Heart – In 2P Mode, have a support character perform a Sub Weapon Seize.
  • Draw Out the Ichor – Destroy the heads of 20 giant animated statues.
  • Sharp Shooter – Pierce a cyclops’ weak point with a Bow.
  • Beaten to the Punch! – Defeat 20 skeletons who are preparing to throw skulls.
  • Vanished Threat – Destroy all parts of the Scorpioch.
  • Curse of the Gods – Clear ‘Mating Season’ with the ability ‘Erosion of the Abyss’ set.

  • The Weapons Collector – Collect all Sub Weapons in one category.
  • The Power of ’12’ – Pick up one Sub Weapon for each category.
  • The Weapons of Hecatoncheir – Collect all Sub Weapons.
  • The Blacksmith – Completely reinforce one Sub Weapon.
  • Specialized Power – Completely reinforce all Sub Weapons in one category.
  • Three in the Black – Successfully perform a Perfect Sub Weapon Seize three times on one boss.
  • Bound Souls – Defeat 10 enemies at once with Chain Seize.
  • Complete Conquest – Complete all quests.
  • Smash Hit – Destroy enemy parts or protective gear 300 times.
  • First-Class Warrior – Perform an attack with each of the main weapon skills.
  • The Hunter’s Title – Collect all Gifts.
  • Aerial Dance – Hit an enemy 20 times while it is in the air.
  • Surpass Hephaestus – Completely reinforce all Sub Weapons.

  • Height of Olympus – Obtain S Rank in all Main Quest and Challenge Quests.
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Clash of the Titans

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