Er is nieuwe info verschenen over Activision’s nieuwste Call of Duty game genaamd: Call of Duty: Black Ops. Activision heeft onder andere nieuwe info vrijgegeven over de Singleplayer, Multiplayer en Co-op Mode. Hieronder hebben we voor jullie een lijst staan met alle nieuwe info die Activision bekend heeft gemaakt rond Call of Duty: Black Ops.

In de lijst kunnen we zien dat de voertuigen terug zullen komen en dat de vijandelijke AI een stuk verbeterd is. Daarnaast zal de multiplayer host migration bevatten, wat ook in Modern Warfare 2 zat. Daarnaast staat de game een framerate van 60 frames per seconde heeft.

* Vietnam is just a small part of the story. The games story is set across a large period of time.
* Some of the singleplayer maps are based on multiplayer maps, which is usually the other way around.
* In some missions you have the option to move in stealthily or go in guns blazing.
* The enemy AI is smarter. They will now try to dodge if you aim at them.

* Multiplayer has been in development from day one.
* Lean is back!
* Vehicles will be returning.
* Create-A-Class 2.0 includes deep customization and new features.
* The game will include a “barebones” game mode.
* As the name implies, there won’t be any perks or killstreaks, just old school gameplay.
* Many familiar weapons will be making a return, including the AK-47.
* The region filter is back.
* Improved matchmaking and server browser.
* Modern Warfare 2’s host migration will be included.
* Auto-Aim can be turned on/off.
* PC gamers will be able to enjoy the comfort and luxury of dedicated servers.
* The PC version will have an anti-cheat software, but it’s unknown if it’s Punkbuster.
* There will be support for the competitive community, which will include great tools.
* The team focusing on the multiplayer aspect of the game is twice the size (World at War).

Co-op Mode
* There will be 2-4 player co-op.
* Supports 2 player offline split-screen.
* It won’t be based on the singleplayer campaign.
* Zombies might be making a return from World at War.

* The game engine is a heavily modified version of the IW engine which was used in World at War.
* The game runs at 60 FPS!
* Physics destruction is going to be limited, so no Battlefield Bad Company 2 style “blow holes in the walls” gameplay.
* The PC version will look better than the console versions (duh).
* There are over 200 people working on Black Ops!