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Vorige week kwam de Rainbow Six: Siege update 1.11 al uit voor de PC, maar de nieuwe patch is nu ook voor de PS4 en Xbox One te downloaden. Deze patch is zo’n 400MB groot en brengt vooral bug fixes met zich mee en tevens verhelpt het verschillende exploits. De volledige changelog kun je hieronder terugvinden.

Operation Dust Line is inmiddels ook beschikbaar voor Rainbow Six: Siege, de volgende update wordt verwacht in juli, maar het is vooralsnog onduidelijk wanneer dit precies gaat zijn.


Level Design Fixes

  • Several collision and exploitable issues on various maps related to Valkyries Sticky Cameras.
  • [Club House] Valkyrie’s Sticky Cameras are clipping through the Bar ceiling.
  • [Border] There is a crack in the west wall of the Fountain Room.
  • [Border] Valkyrie’s Sticky Cameras can be thrown at EXT Roof.
  • [Consulate] Valkyrie’s Sticky Cameras have no collision with the ceiling edge from 2F Hallway.
  • [Consulate] Valkyrie’s Sticky Cameras do not have collision with the ceiling from 1F Lobby.
  • [Club House] A drone has no collision with a wall near the Cash Room.

Gameplay Fixes

  • Holding a deployable shield will prevent the player from taking damage from frontal headshot.
  • A Shield-wielding Operator will not receive damage from frontal headshot while holding a Stun, Frag, or Smoke grenade.
  • The host of a PVP Custom session would sometimes spawn out of the world, but their operator would be seen in-game.
  • The red light of the cluster charge can be seen through a wooden barricade.
  • The game crashes when attempting to join a game in progress during the winning showcase animation.
  • [Valkyrie’s] Sticky cam status light remains floating when destroyed.