Rainbow Six: Siege heeft weer een nieuwe patch gekregen vandaag, met versienummer 3.3 om precies te zijn. Ubisoft blijft de game enorm goed ondersteunen en brengt nog op regelmatige basis nieuwe updates voor de game uit. Met deze nieuwe patch zijn er dan ook weer een hoop bugs verholpen, alsook gameplay fixes toegepast.

De patch bevat een hele hoop veranderingen, vandaar dat we enkel en alleen de algemene gameplay fixes hieronder hebben staan. Bekijk alle patch notes op deze pagina van Ubisoft.

FIXED – If a Shield-wielding Operator does a melee attack at the same time as an opponent triggers the shield break animation by meleeing the shield, the shield still completes the melee attack.
FIXED – The Player is unable to select other drones or scan enemies when spectating a teammate’s drone during the preparation phase and after the player’s drone has been destroyed.
FIXED – Cameras can still ID enemies after they get destroyed.
FIXED – The button for spawn point selection is not displayed on HUD after the player’s drone is destroyed.
FIXED – When attackers’ drones are destroyed during the prep phase, players see for a few seconds the first-person view of another attacker prior of going into support mode.
FIXED – Defensive cameras’ HP is too high, and this may create situations where a bullet hit doesn’t break them in 1 shot.
FIXED – Reload animation on the L85A2 in third-person has hand misaligned with gun handle.
FIXED – The left hand is misaligned with the L85A2 when using the melee action near a collision surface while rappelling.
FIXED – Changing to ADS view on the M870 with the Laser Sight won’t hide the laser.
FIXED – The Laser Sight dot remains at the center of the screen when sprinting with the D-50.
FIXED – There is a broken animation between the third and first-person POVs when an Operator tries to throw back a Frag Grenade.
FIXED – Detonating a Nitro cell won’t cause any damage if placed between the bomb’s canisters.
FIXED – Deploying a Floor Reinforcement on top of a drone will trap it there.
FIXED – [PC] The player switches to the drone view by pressing ESC.
FIXED – [PC] Hold and Toggle behavior are inverted when having a customized key.