Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 update voegt nieuwe modi en features toe

Ontwikkelaar Popcap is nog altijd bezig met het maken van nieuwe content voor Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. Inmiddels is er weer een nieuwe gratis content update verschenen genaamd ‘Trials of Gnomus’. Met deze update krijgen spelers voor een gelimiteerde tijd de kans om drie nieuwe modi te spelen. Het gaat hier om de volgende modi.

  • Cats vs. Dinos – faceoff in a Jurassic battle of felines versus dinosaurs in this fast, competitive game mode fought in a new extra-large Gnomiverse multiplayer map.
  • Boss Hunt – team up with friends and take on the ultimate PvZ challenge as you battle epic bosses. Battle on higher difficulties to earn even bigger rewards.
  • Super Mix Mode – a new, crazier mix of Crazy Settings featuring different combinations of characters squaring off against each other.

Naast deze nieuwe modi brengt de update ook nog wat nieuwe features en de nodige fixes voor Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 met zich mee. Deze hebben we hieronder voor je opgesomd. Benieuwd naar de Trials of Gnomus? Bekijk hieronder dan ook zeker even de trailer.

New Features

  • Mystery Portal: Added a Mystery Portal in the Town Hall, where it goes… well that’s a mystery. Come back often to see where it takes you!
  • Mystery Portal Chests: Added 3 chests that require rainbow stars to open, each containing unique content
  • Super Mix Mode: Added new game mode type that can appear in Mystery Portal
  • Rux the Deal Breaker: Rux the Deal Breaker will sometimes appear in the sewers and sell rare and high value items
  • New Quest Board Quests: Added some new quest types
  • Trials of Eternity: Added the trials of eternity which may or may not test your abilities to the limit
  • Added new map
  • Added Cats vs Dinos Mode: Cats vs Dinos competing in elimination rounds (Only available at limited times through Mystery Portal), only playable on the all new Gnomiverse XL map
  • Added other surprises n’ stuff….


  • Fixed case where sometimes turrets would respawn immediately after being destroyed in Delivery Time Challenges
  • Fixed some customization clipping issues
  • Fixed rare black screen freeze when returning to backyard battleground
  • Fixed issue where Chompers feet wouldn’t trigger race checkpoints, resulting in players missing them
  • Fixed some auto-warping issues in Great White North Map
  • Fixed leaderboard scrolling UI issue
  • Fixed incorrect team showing as winning in end of round when castle gate is destroyed after time runs out in Seeds of Time map
  • Fixed some disconnection issues that displayed incorrect community portal stats
  • Fixed a few cases where player would remain as goat or Rocket Chomper after completing/failing delivery challenges
  • Fixed rare hang when player is trying to join a multiplayer match from portal
  • Fixed edge case that created looping audio using restart button during delivery time challenge
  • Fixed issue where players could shoot through the arm of the giant Zomboss Mech in Zombopolis
  • Fixed some display issues with Progress-o-meter when joining another players backyard battleground
  • Fixed some issues when restarting time challenge while gnome freeze time target is active
  • Fixed a few exploitable areas where players were able to climb out of world in Moon Base Z
  • Fixed issue where friends couldn’t join a friend in a multiplayer server when friends backyard battleground was set to private
  • Fixed issue where some players were not able to join a Garden/Graveyard Ops session when session was in progress
  • Fixed some collision bone issues for pirate and engineer turrets (was not updating with rotation of turret)
  • Added Breakfast Brainz and Toxic Citron AI to special challenges and challenge waves in Ops
  • Fixed incorrect difficulty being show when joining another players Backyard Battleground
  • Fixed audio issue of toxic citron weapon playing wrong flyby sound
  • Fixed a few instances where the end of round check-mark for being “ready” was inaccurately checked on
  • Fixed instance where players were able to play as character variants in Welcome Mat playlist
  • Fixed buggy chomp camera transition when chomped by Hot Rod/Fire Chomper and Count Chompula
  • Fixed instance where purchase coins button sometimes disappeared
  • Fixed some bad collision boxes in Frosty Creek
  • Fixed instance where a Failed to Connect message was being displayed even when successfully matchmaking
  • Made the Pea Shooter’s Chili bean non-pushable by characters
  • Fixed multiple issues with Gnome Bomb interfering with Legendary Modes. Picking up the Gnome Bomb no longer cancels Legendary Modes.
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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

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    Leuk, PvsZ 2 is gratis bij EA access, in the Vault. Extra content altijd welkom.

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    Erg leuke game met flinke gratis dlc 🙂