Battleborn is niet het succes geworden waar Gearbox en 2K Games op hadden gehoopt, maar toch wordt er gekozen om de game voorlopig te blijven ondersteunen. Nu staat er weer een update klaar die onder andere een nieuwe PvP-modus toevoegt.

Na het downloaden en installeren van de patch, is de game klaar voor de nieuwe singleplayer DLC: Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion. Deze kun je gratis downloaden als je de Season Pass hebt aangeschaft, anders ben je 4,99 euro kwijt of je kunt de in-game valuta gebruiken en dan kost de extra content 700 Platinum. Tevens wordt er met de update een nieuwe PvP-modus toegevoegd, genaamd Face-Off.

Ook zijn er een heleboel aanpassingen gedaan en fouten uit Battleborn gehaald met de nieuwe patch. De volledige lijst is als volgt:


  • Removed collision with allied players
  • Attempting to stand inside an ally will gently nudge the players apart
  • Bullets and projectiles also pass freely through allied players


  • Significant revisions have been made to Bliss Golems in The Algorithm, The Void’s Edge, and The Sentinel
  • Golems can now be damaged at any point of their body, but receive significantly more damage at their cores
  • Reduced the effectiveness of circle-strafing around Golems

The Algorithm

  • The Galactic Emperor now damages melee players more consistently
  • Frigid Guardians can no longer burrow underground
  • Increased the number of attacks capable of destroying the Frigid Guardians while they are deploying during the Galactic Emperor encounter
  • Improved the hit box of the Galactic Emperor’s ice armor

The Sentinel

  • Guardian Vyn and Guardian Arc no longer regenerate their core armor

The Void’s Edge

  • Reduced the number of enemies that spawn during the third force field defense
  • Improved S1.Wolf’s pathing to prevent him from getting stuck
  • Increased the amount of loot in the locked armory rooms
  • Activating the jump pad to go around the third force field no longer requires players to continuously stand on its capture pads


  • Significantly reduced character selection load times for players with a large number of loadouts
  • Improved lighting performance in Prologue.
  • Significant performance improvements in Snowblind, Monuments, and Outskirts


  • Blissbeast Skull Plate: Changed the functionality of the Legendary effect from conditional damage reduction to conditional health regeneration
  • Boots of the Brute: The Legendary effect no longer slows multiple targets when using area of effect attacks
  • Bunker Buster: The bonus damage of Bunker Buster’s Legendary effect no longer increases penetrative health damage
  • Executive Insurance Policy: The Legendary effect now activates when players receive full shields due to shield healing
  • Lorrian Purse Cutter: Players can no longer steal shards from non-player characters with the Legendary effect
  • Veil Manipulator: Increased the maximum health regeneration per second granted by 50%.
  • Voxis Core: The Legendary effect now affects non-Battleborn enemies
  • “White Lightning”: Uncommon variants of “White Lightning” now give -CC Duration while all skills are on cooldown instead of + Sprint Speed after collecting a pickup


  • Players now receive an “Annihilation!” gameplay notification when all players on the enemy team are dead simultaneously
  • Increased the readability of the minimap for Broadcasters, in Story, and in Versus
  • Players can now expand their maps while waiting to respawn in Versus games
  • Players can now view other players’ gear loadouts post-match
  • Players can now choose how Health and Shield Regeneration values are displayed by changing the “Regen Text Display Mode” in the Gameplay Options menu
  • “Always Display Regen” – Regeneration values always reflect the potential health and shield regeneration, even when not currently regenerating
  • “Only Effective Regen” – Regeneration values reflect the current health and shield regeneration, and are not visible when not currently regenerating
  • “Never Display Regen” – Regeneration values are never visible
  • Players can now sort their titles and challenges by their completion percentage
  • Players can now clear all Command menu unlock notifications in the Gameplay Options menu
  • Improved UI support for 21:9 “Ultra-wide” resolutions in the Gear menu

Quality of Life

  • Players can now save multiple loadouts simultaneously
  • Selecting a random character no longer automatically selects a skin, taunt and gear loadout on occasion
  • Added a “Left Match Early” report option for players who have abandoned the match
  • Removed the ability to report players for “Frequently Idle” or “Cheating” prior to a match’s start
  • Splitscreen players can no longer be removed from two-player games due to inactivity
  • Added a training hint about teleporting when players are low on health
  • Banned users now receive additional information when attempting to connect to a game
  • Added in support for Logitech ARX Control

Broadcaster Mode

  • Added vertical movement control while in free camera mode
  • Improved the smoothness of third person camera mode.
  • Broadcasters can now see gear that has not been activated by players on the Scoreboard
  • Inactive gear appears grayed-out to Broadcasters
  • Removed black-and-white filter when Broadcasters exit the confines of the map
  • Added gameplay notifications for Broadcasters
  • Holograms of unpurchased Buildables now appear for Broadcasters
  • Improved the visibility of player outlines through terrain
  • Hiding the Broadcaster hotkey interface also hides the F1-F10 player selection hotkeys.
  • Added a Broadcaster section to the Options menu
  • “Camera Clipping” can be changed to prevent third person cameras from clipping into geometry
  • Broadcasters can select whether or not the Death Recap screen appears by default


  • Players can now select a specific server region when entering a private match.


  • Ultimate skill voice over lines are now audible by all players regardless of distance.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain sounds to only utilize rear audio channels in surround sound audio configurations