Head 2

In onze review van Headmaster kon je lezen dat de game kampt met de nodige crashes. Zo crashte de game zo vaak, dat dit ten koste ging van de ervaring. Met een nieuwe patch hoopt men dit probleem op te lossen, deze patch draagt versienummer 1.04 met zich mee.

Volgens de changelog zat het crash probleem in de ingestelde taal. Wanneer de game namelijk in een andere taal dan Engels werd gespeeld, kon de game crashen. Dit geldt overigens niet voor de in-game taal, maar de taal die is ingesteld via het systeemmenu van de PS4.

De ontwikkelaar achter de game, Frame Interactive, postte de changelog afgelopen weekend op Reddit. Je kunt de volledige changelog ook hieronder bekijken.

Headmaster v1.04 Changelog

  • Resolved a crash that occurred upon selecting “Continue Individual Session” if your System’s Language Settings were not set to English
  • The Main Menu text should now properly display both game modes, regardless of your System’s Language Setting
  • Fixed a rarely occurring issue that could cause a Football Improvement Centre Regulation Ball Launcher™ to not launch balls.
  • Players can no longer (improperly) skip the first Tips and Tricks note after passing Lesson 1
  • Tips & Tricks are now required reading you gotta read my notes too, haha! -CARL m/
  • Fixed a rarely occurring issue that could result in a level’s Automated Instruction Messages not properly being silenced if a player chose the Next Lesson option while in an already-passed Lesson
  • An end-game note will no longer appear when it is not supposed to
  • Green checkmarks will now appear where you would expect them to (after achieving an end-game goal)
  • Multiball targets no longer display as #!#Multiballs#!# on the Scoreboard when scored Sorry; I’m still getting thehang of this programming thing; -CARL;
  • Lesson 21’s Responsive Keeper’s has had his wheels replaced with a more cost-efficient alternative

Balance Changes

  • Lesson 21 — A small portion of the railroad tracks present within this Lesson have been sold for financial reasons. Minor other improvements have been made to further raise the learning potential & pass rate of this Lesson.
  • Exam 2 — The FIC has redesigned portions of this Exam to better facilitate learning and re-education. Initial testing has proven that it is now 21% more effective at measuring Player improvement.

This concludes our legally-required notice of policy and structural updates to the Football Improvement Centre.

Players are contractually encouraged to calmly return to their Football Centre Single Occupancy Residence.