Veel gamecritici hebben al een tijdje Battlefield 1 mogen spelen op de PC en/of Xbox One. Aangezien er een exclusieve deal is tussen Microsoft en EA voor Battlefield 1, krijgen Windows/Xbox-spelers de game eerder via EA Access. De pers heeft de game nog eerder kunnen spelen op speciale review evenementen en nu het embargo is opgeheven, zijn de eerste reviews verschenen.

Uit deze reviews blijkt dat Battlefield 1 erg goed ontvangen wordt. Van alle reviews die nu namelijk online staan, is een 8 het laagste cijfer tot nu toe, afkomstig van TheSixthAxis en EGM. Dit belooft dus veel goeds voor de game.

Voor PS4-eigenaren is de game vanaf morgen speelbaar, mits je de Early Enlister Edition hebt aangeschaft. Heb je deze niet? Dan kun je de game vanaf vrijdag kopen.

Bekijk een opsomming van de eerste reviews hieronder, met dank aan sonuyosrox van Reddit.

EGM – Nick Plessas – 8 / 10.0

Battlefield 1 does a service to the series’ core fanbase with a unique, yet strangely familiar take on World War I.

Gadgets 360 – Rishi Alwani – 9 / 10

All said and done, Battlefield 1 is slick, fresh entry in a franchise that helped pioneer the first-person military shooter genre. World War I has been thought of as the dawn of modern warfare and Battlefield 1 sets the standard of what to expect.

Game Revolution – Peter Paras – 4.5 / 5 stars

Battlefield 1 isn’t just a great addition to the series, it arrives as a thunderous explosion that will impact the military shooter space for many years to come. A memorable single player campaign in an FPS is a rarity, and it delivers that without compromise. Operations is an instant classic for multiplayer lovers, while the other modes will keep you invested, supported by fantastic gameplay. Visually breathtaking and fun to play, DICE has delivered an instant classic that has raised the bar.

GamingTrend – Mike Pearce – 95 / 100

Like a bayonet charge to the face, Battlefield 1 packs a serious punch, and it looks damn good while doing it. With a revamped, emotionally charged campaign, the single-player experience is, without a doubt, the franchise’s best. The multiplayer combines solid classics and unbeatable mechanics with new modes that fit the WWI setting brilliantly. Could this be the Battlefield to end all Battlefields? It just might.

NZGamer – Ben Wilson – 8.4 / 10.0

Ben travelled to Los Angeles courtesy of EA to review Battlefield 1.

Polygon – Arthur Gies – 9 / 10.0

Battlefield 1 succeeds far beyond expectations

TheSixthAxis – Stefan L – 8 / 10

Operations mode is the standout addition to the multiplayer, bringing together the behemoths, the destruction, the hellish screams of people charging into the fight. I do wish that the single player had been able to push on and draw more from that excellent opening, but stepping back to the First World War helps to give Battlefield 1 a refreshing and invigorating veneer to the game, and it’s lost none of the series’ explosive gameplay in the process.

ThisGenGaming – Josh Perrins – 9 / 10.0

Ultimately, Battlefield 1 goes back to move forward and it’s a delight to experience. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a video game that dares to throw you into the horrors of a Great War and yet Battlefield 1 feels modern, something one might assume to be oxymoronic considering the setting of 1914-1918. Whilst other FPS games this year and in previous years have switched to jet-packing and wall-running, Battlefield 1 feels like its reinvigorated a genre that I had grown tired of in recent years. By making this risky decision, DICE and EA actually have proven you don’t need to go futuristic in-order to reinvigorate a genre. In fact, DOOM as well as Battlefield 1 this year prove to me that sometimes reverting back to the basics can be one of the most refreshing experiences possible.

Xbox Achievements – Dan Webb – 90%

DICE should be praised for taking the risky move and turning back the clock with Battlefield 1, both in terms of the era and the direction for the franchise. Very often these moves can cripple a series, but thankfully for us – and DICE – it’s a move that has revitalised the franchise.