Recent maakte Ubisoft bekend dat de T-Bone uitbreiding voor Watch_Dogs 2 enige vertraging op had gelopen. Deze uitbreiding zou in plaats van deze week volgende week uitkomen. Deze vertraging is te wijten aan het feit dat Ubisoft zich de afgelopen tijd voornamelijk bezig heeft gehouden met het stabiliseren van de multiplayer.

De DLC zit er nu echter toch echt aan te komen en om de game hiervoor klaar te maken zal deze week update 1.08 verschijnen. Van deze update heeft Ubisoft nu de details bekendgemaakt en hieronder hebben we de patchnotes voor je op een rijtje.

  • Leaderboard rewards: If you earned a leaderboard reward in Season 1, it will be delivered to your inventory in this patch.
  • “PULL OVER NOW!”: The loudspeaker policewoman will repeat this command less frequently.
  • Wall Geometry Exploits: Players can no longer use motorcycles to pass through walls, and we’ve fixed other similar wall exploits.
  • Broken missions/halted progression: Fixed progression-breaking issues for the following missions: Power to the Sheeple, Alcatraz Showdown, Infected Bytes, Just Making a Living, Get Back in the Game, Jailbird Blues, and Kicking it Old School. If you got stuck during any of these missions, you’ll be able to proceed now without starting over.
  • Mass Sitara: Improved an issue where Sitara could be present multiple times in the Hacker Space during A Walk in the Park.
  • Bounty: Fixed a rare issue where a Bounty could go on forever if the hunted player hid in Wrench’s garage.
  • Bike Collision: Reduced the collision size on bikes so the player can drive closer to obstacles without bailing (time to find some trees and go nuts).
  • Leaderboards: Fixed the description of the divisions in the leaderboards; percentage details were wrong.
  • Invasion Rewards: Fixed an issue where you wouldn’t get the reward for neutralizing an invader without profiling them first.
  • Co-Op: Fixed an issue where a player couldn’t get into a car while playing in coop.
  • Improved performance and stability
  • Minor graphical improvements
  • Fixed multiple AI and traffic issues
  • Several improvements on the GPS pathing
  • Fixed multiple replication issues
  • Fixed numerous minor audio and text issues in localized versions of the game
  • Lots and lots of other minor bug fixes

De T-Bone uitbreiding voor Watch_Dogs 2 verschijnt op 22 december.