Het is alweer even geleden dat er een update voor Dishonored 2 verscheen. Die update voegde een aantal interessante nieuwe features toe, waaronder ‘chapter select’ zodat je losse hoofdstukken opnieuw kan spelen. Ook voegde Arkane Studios een optie toe om de moeilijkheidsgraad geheel naar eigen inzicht aan te passen.

Welkome toevoegingen, maar we moeten de gewone nog aanwezige problemen niet vergeten. Deze week heeft de studio een nieuwe update uitgerold en die is heel erg gericht op het oplossen van verschillende bugs.

Of daarmee alles is opgelost valt moeilijk te zeggen, maar de meest voorkomende issues zijn nu van de baan. Hieronder zoals altijd de changelog.

  • UI optimization
  • Fixed a bug where the FPS drops when the player looks at a gravehound’s smoke.
  • Fixed a bug where possessing a Gravehound causes their smoke effect to build up.
  • Fixed shadows missing on particles
  • Fixed a bug where normal maps were inverted with negative scaled objects
  • Fixed a bug where using Far Reach on a hanging speaker causes strange physics in subsequent Far Reaches
  • Fixed a bug where aiming Focused Strike or Spyglass at the sky results in poor depth of field masking
  • Fixed a bug where Jindosh still talks to player in lab after death or being rendered unconscious
  • Fixed a bug where the journal may become blurred
  • Fixed a bug in Long Day In Dunwall where screen turns dark a short time after speaking with Meagan
  • Fixed a bug where the player becomes control-locked when attempting to load corrupt mission saves
  • Fixed a bug where overwriting corrupt New Game + save with no free space can cause a crash during or after credits
  • Fixed a bug where Autosave Thumbnails persist after switching Profiles
  • Fixed a bug in “Long Day in Dunwall” where saving as the mission causes the Mission Save to not be created
  • Fixed a bug where canceling a mission selection on the main menu and then starting a New Game + prevents selecting a difficulty setting
  • Fixed a bug where mantling as the elevator hits the ground will cause game to crash
  • Fixed a bug where Doppelgänger doesn’t replenish mana with Corvo
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs will rediscover bodies after a save/load and enter search mode a second time
  • Fixed reported issues with some localization text
  • Fixed a bug where Springrazor traps attached to Rats and Bloodflies will not go off if possessed
  • Fixed a crash when Far Reaching to an NPC while killing them with Shadow Kill
  • Fixed a bug where Rats were unable to consume severed limbs
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during a fight with a rewired Clockwork Soldier
  • Bloodthirst post-process is now brighter
  • Fixed a bug where one-handed thrown objects were misaligned to the right of the crosshair
  • Fixed a bug where the Springrazor won’t trigger when it is put on a bolt
  • Added a « Full » option for the « Mana Replenish » setting
  • Fixed a crash when player falls off of platform inside painting while in possession.
  • Fixed a bug where a control-lock occurs during streaming install when restarting from last checkpoint post-Long Day in Dunwall (consoles)
  • Fixed a bug where no loading prompt appears when attempting to load any saves during streaming install when two campaign slots are filled (consoles)

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