Aanstaande dinsdag verschijnt er weer een grote game voor PlayStation VR, namelijk Farpoint. Deze shooter is enigszins uniek, omdat de beste speelervaring enkel te beleven is met een speciale accessoire. Deze speciale accessoire werd vanmorgen in een ander bericht al uitgebreid toegelicht, nu richten we ons op de Trophies.

De game beschikt over een volwaardige Trophy set met daarbij een Platinum Trophy. Hieronder alle Trophies met natuurlijk de beschrijvingen, maar weet wel dat de lijst je kan spoilen qua wat je kan verwachten van de gameplay.


  • Mastery of Space and Time – Acquired all Trophies for Farpoint.


  • Have You Done This Before? – Kill 100 enemies without dying
  • That’s Some Good Shootin’ – Kill 100 enemies in Cooperative mode with 70% accuracy.
  • Survivors Never Die – Finished all levels of the main game.


  • Scan Master – Discover and scan all of the holograms.
  • Arrived and Left – Finish Arrival Challenge with three medals.
  • Descended – Finish Descent Challenge with three medals.
  • Rocky Top – Finish Summit Challenge with three medals.
  • We Got Out of There – Finish Remains Challenge with three medals.
  • Sojourner – Finish Homecoming Challenge with three medals.
  • Sprinting Man – Finish Vestige Challenge with three medals.
  • This Needs to Happen Now – Finish Garrison Challenge with three medals.
  • Final Flight – Finish Flight Challenge with three medals.


  • Better With Friends – Complete a Cooperative level.
  • You Owe Me One – Revive another player in Cooperative play.
  • Get Me Off of this Rock – Finish Arrival Challenge with at least one medal.
  • Afraid of the Dark – Finish Descent Challenge with at least one medal.
  • Avid Hiker – Finish Summit Challenge with at least one medal.
  • Let’s Get Out of Here – Finish Remains Challenge with at least one medal.
  • No Time to Take In the Sights – Finish Homecoming Challenge with at least one medal.
  • Running Man – Finish Vestige Challenge with at least one medal.
  • Never Linger – Finish Garrison Challenge with at least one medal.
  • Let’s Do This – Finish Flight Challenge with at least one medal.
  • Rocket Ranger – Land 3 rockets on 1 enemy within 1 second.
  • Skewered – Kill 3 targets with one Precision Rifle shot.
  • Thread the Needle – Kill 4 targets with one Spike Gun blast.
  • Feel the Powah – Kill 10 enemies with a bounced shot from the Plasma Rifle.
  • Right Time, Right Place – Kill 3 different enemy types with one rocket.
  • Right Back at Ya – Kill a Rocket Drone with its own rocket.
  • Fresh Meat – Finish the ‘Arrival’ mission.
  • Into the Darkness – Finish the ‘Descent’ mission.
  • Above the Clouds – Finish the ‘Summit’ mission.
  • Taking Out the Trash – Finish the ‘Remains’ mission.
  • Where’d They All Go? – Finish the ‘Homecoming’ mission.
  • That Woman Intimidates Me – Finish the ‘Vestige’ mission.
  • That Place Creeps Me Out – Finish the ‘Garrison’ mission.
  • Can I Get a Ride on That Thing? – Finish the ‘Flight’ mission.
  • It’s All in the Reflexes – Shoot 100 jumping spiders out of the air.
  • Target Practice – Shoot 50 Goober Balls out of the Air.
  • Not an Environmentalist – Destroy 50 ‘Space Onions’.
  • You Want a Piece of Me? – Kill 50 enemies with the Assault Rifle.
  • Up Close and Personal – Kill 50 enemies with the Shotgun.
  • Sniper Reporting for Duty – Kill 50 enemies with the Precision Rifle.
  • Feels All Tingly – Kill 50 enemies with the Plasma Rifle.
  • Acupuncture – Kill 50 enemies with the Spike Gun.
  • Lobotomizer – Kill 25 Grunts with Head Shots.
  • Scanny McScanface – Discover and scan 50% of the holograms.