Gezamenlijk met Farpoint verschijnt dinsdag ook de PS VR Aim Controller. Een controller die speciaal gemaakt is om je de illusie te geven dat je een geweer in je handen hebt. Een leuke accessoire natuurlijk, maar gaat die controller bij meer games toepasbaar zijn? Gelukkig wel, zodat je er op termijn ook wat aan zult hebben.

Farpoint is natuurlijk voor nu de belangrijkste game die met deze accessoire werkt, maar ook het recent aangekondigde Arizona Sunshine zal met de PS VR Aim Controller werken. Daar blijft het niet bij, want de andere games zijn Dick Wilde, The Brookhaven Experiment en ROM: Extraction.

Dick Wilde heeft geen releasedatum, maar de verwachting is dat deze game gelijktijdig met Farpoint verschijnt. The Brookhaven Experiment verschijnt begin juni en ROM: Extraction staat momenteel op ‘Coming Soon’.

Voor nog wat meer toelichting hieronder per game uitleg van de ontwikkelaar met hoe zij deze controller toepassen in de gameplay.

Farpoint – From the very beginning of development on Farpoint, we wanted to have a way to physically connect the player to the game and bring them that much deeper into the world we were creating. That would turn out to be the PS VR Aim controller. With the PS VR Aim controller we’ve been able to make shooting and aiming more natural and intuitive – once you have the controller in your hands you know instinctively where the buttons and triggers are. The 1:1 tracking also makes for a more skill-based game because the precision removes any need for aim assist.

Dick Wilde – When playing with the aim controller, you’ll have access to six different two-handed weapons to fight off swamp critters; the Harpoon Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Revolver Rifle, Shotgun, Paintball Gun and the Nailgun. Each one has been especially designed for aim and takes advantage of its haptic feedback- so when you lift up the controller and fire, it really feels like you’re holding your virtual weapon.

The Brookhaven Experiment – Without a moment passing by, we wanted to be the first game to support it. And, as we worked to integrate it, that feeling came back. Not only was our vision immersed… the feeling of holding the gun in our hands changed how the game affected us mentally too.

Arizona Sunshine – […] since the game was initially created with dual-wielding guns in mind, we’ve thoroughly tested ways to get the support for it right. And while using the Aim controller limits you to using a single weapon at a time, it makes up for that by increasing accuracy and control, upping your chances for critical, dismembering hits.

ROM: Extraction – With the PlayStation Aim, we are able to achieve a deeper sense of physicality than with standard motion controllers. For the rifle-style weapons we wanted to bring to ROM, holding the Aim two-handed gives additional precision and stability to the in-game weapons, in addition to adding a stronger sense of connection between the real world and the virtual. The controls themselves are comfortable and intuitive. As we look towards expanding ROM, the Aim offers us a number of features that line up nicely with various mechanics that we are considering for the future.