MAG patch 1.07 nu live

Eind vorige maand werd patch 1.07 van MAG aangekondigd. Deze grote patch voor de game van Zipper Interactive is sinds gisteravond beschikbaar.

De patch kent een enorme changelog, voornamelijk kleine bugfixes en tweaks. Er zijn echter ook grotere veranderingen en nieuwe dingen. Zo krijgt iedere speler een dagelijkse Happy Hour. Dit houd in dat je iedere dag een uur lang dubbel XP hebt, de dubbel XP activeert automatisch de eerste keer dat je die dag MAG opstart. Ook brengt de patch een nieuwe speelmodus met zich mee. Deze modus heet Suppression en is een zogenaamde “Faction Neutral” modus. Verder een grote update voor de maps Flores Basin en Alyeska Terminus, uit deze maps zijn alle exploits verwijdert. Tot slot worden de lichteffecten in de game verbetert.

De volledige changelog kan je hieronder vinden. Als je wilt kan je ook gelijk doorgaan naar de reacties op dit artikel, klik daarvoor hier.


  • “Happy Hour” XP Bonus has been added to give players a 100% XP bonus for their first hour of gameplay every 24-hour period
  • All “Suppression” mode maps can now be attacked by all PMCs
  • All “Sabotage” mode maps can now be attacked or defended by all PMCs
  • Added functionality that allows each game mode to have its own unique XP bonuses
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes delay the proper initial spawn times.
  • Repaired bug that sometimes inverted a player’s control scheme following a parachute drop
  • Reduced helicopter settle time and significantly increased health to strengthen their use as a forward spawn point
  • Slight increase to bunker turret damage vs. vehicles


  • Shotgun overhaul with reduced maximum, effective and headshot ranges; small increase in magazine size, shot spread, and shoot speed following reload (12 Gauge Pump, Boudini 12 Gauge, T-195)
  • Increased initial magazine count for Sub-Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, and Sniper Rifles
  • Corrected a tuning error with assault rifle and light sniper rifle foregrips, returning them to their previous level of recoil
  • Slight decrease in reload time for KP5 Sub-Machine gun
  • Updated Light Machine Gun muzzle flash effect and increased reload time by 15% (MK46 Mod0, Apex 100, RTK-74)
  • Increased reload time by 10% for Medium Machine Guns (KP45 MG, MK43 Mod 1, PKP MG)
  • Slight decrease in crouch-fire spread for AK-74U Assault Rifle
  • Minor increase in fire-spread for ATAC 2000 Assault Rifle
  • Pistols are now held closer to the center of the screen (M9, F57, IZ-443)

Map – Alyeska Terminus

  • Repaired glitch in which players could walk through the wall on into Vent Station F without destroying the gate
  • Fixed bug that made snipers laying prone on the balcony of the “Great Wrangler Café” immune to damage
  • Various collision and art fixes that prevent players from gaining access to areas that were not intended to be accessible

Map – Flores Basin Transfer

  • Remapped all Objectives to more closely match other Domination missions
  • Extended to roof cover for Objective buildings in Platoons 1 and 3
  • Added cover to railing in Platoon 1 building for additional Defender-side protection
  • Added additional roof panels to Objective buildings in Platoons 2 and 4
  • Added roof cover to the Defender spawn exits
  • Removed some cover located on top of the boats in Platoon 2 to improve AAA and bunker sightline
  • Changed the access points leading onto the AAA boats in Platoon 2
  • The flank route on the left side of Platoon 1 has been cut off
  • Partially obstructed segments of the flank route on the right side of Platoon 1
  • Added more sightline obstructions between the Objective building doors and the Defender spawn exits in Platoon 3
  • Blocked the direct sightline at Objective B
  • Added sight-line obstructions at Objective C and G buildings
  • Reduced the number of access points that attackers have in all Objective buildings
  • Repositioned Bravo bunker in Platoon 2 to eliminate long sightlines on multiple Attacker spawns
  • Repositioned Delta bunker in Platoon 2 to improve AAA sightline and give Attackers better spawn protection
  • Pulled back the tank traps in Platoon 1 to the Defender’s side of the bridge
  • Various collision and art fixes that prevent players from gaining access to areas that were not intended to be accessible


  • Added display to all game mode queues that show the current XP bonus attached to that queue
  • Added countdown timer to Bleedout screen to show how many seconds are left before the player’s next PMC spawn wave begins
  • Fixed display issue with “Sabotage” wherein the incorrect number of player dots were shown on the mode side-panel

Audio/ Visual

  • Improved lightmapping effects for Alyeska Terminus and Flores Basin Transfer Domination maps
  • Added “surface” sounds when driving vehicles to reflect what kind of terrain is being driven on


  • Updated patching technology to allow for smaller patch sizes when updating maps
  • Repaired crash bugs associated with spending too much time in the CNI or being killed via headshot while using it
  • Fixed display issue that resulted in dead players appearing to “float” above the location in which they died
  • Fixed bug that prevented Squad Leaders from receiving points for destroying enemy vehicles with air strikes
  • Various localization updates