In Monster Hunter World zijn er 14 verschillende wapen types aanwezig en dus heeft men voor elk type een losse trailer gemaakt. Eén trailer met alle types was misschien wat handiger geweest, maar zo kan het natuurlijk ook.

Monster Hunter World komt wereldwijd tegelijkertijd uit op de PS4 en Xbox One. Wanneer dit precies moet gaan gebeuren weten we nog niet, maar het is ergens begin 2018.


The bow is a ranged weapon that ran ram down an array of arrows upon monsters. Hunters can inflict various status ailments with arrow coatings.

Charge Blade

The charge blade can morph from a sword and shield combo into a high-powered axe. Energy stored in the sword and shield can be released through the axe.

Dual Blades

The dual blades can overwhelm monsters with a flurry of attacks. Demon Mode enables hunters to unleash a high-octane assault.

Great Sword

The great sword lacks in mobility, but can deliver devastating attacks. Its Charged Slashes can deal heavy damage to any monster.


The gunlance offers high offensive power thanks to its ability to fire shells. Its slew of shelling attacks can keep monsters at bay.


The hammer is a blunt weapon used to smash monsters with powerful blows. Using it to bludgeon monsters over the head can stun them.

Heavy Bowgun

The heavy bowgun is capable of inflicting massive damage with its high-powered shots. Hunters can use powerful ammo types, such as Wyvernsnipe and Wyvernheart.

Hunting Horn

The hunting horn is an easy-to-handle support weapon with long reach. It can provide status buffs to the whole party with its melodies.

Insect Glaive

The insect glaive provides great mobility, enabling aerial attacks from all angles. Its Kinsect can harvest extract to provide various boosts.


The lance boasts strong offensive and defensive capabilities. It allows hunters to move around while keeping their guard up.

Light Bowgun

The light bowgun is a long-range weapon that specializes in high mobility and rapid fire. Unique ammo such as Wyvernblast is great for supporting allies.

Long Sword

The long sword is a nimble weapon capable of extended combos. Its Spirit Blade has the ability to raise its wielder’s attack power.

Switch Axe

The switch axe can transform between a long-reaching axe and a swift sword. The sword’s Element Discharge can deal massive damage.

Sword and Shield

The sword and shield is balanced, mobile, and great for beginners. It allows hunters to use items even with their weapon drawn.