Dit zijn alle Trophies die je kunt behalen in Middle-earth: Shadow of War

We mogen bijna weer met Talion op pad in Midden-aarde in de game Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Vanzelfsprekend kan je in deze game de nodige Trophies bij elkaar sprokkelen en die zijn nu online verschenen.

Het zijn er behoorlijk veel, dus in dat opzicht krijg je een mooie beloning voor al je acties. Opvallend is trouwens dat er slechts één gouden Trophy in de basisgame te behalen valt. Het aantal zilveren Trophies ligt gelukkig wat hoger en brons is uiteraard goed vertegenwoordigd.

Hieronder alle Trophies die je kunt verzamelen in de game, maar weet wel dat de lijst spoilers kan bevatten.


  • The Bright Lord – Middle-earth has been saved. For now…


  • Stalemate is Victory – Defeat the Witch-king and reclaim Minas Morgul.


  • Banished – Defeat Suladân.
  • Brought to Heel – -Defeat Helm Hammerhand.
  • Lord of Horror – -Defeat the Balrog.
  • What Once Was Lost – -Complete Act I.
  • First Steps – Conquer the Fortress of Núrnen.
  • Peace in Death – Complete the Shadow Wars.
  • Undeath Defeats Undeath – Complete all Carnán quests.
  • Fall and Rise – Complete all Brûz quests.
  • No Orc Lives Forever – Win all Fight Pit missions.
  • Banish the Darkness – Complete all Eltariel quests.
  • For Gondor – Complete all Gondor quests.


  • Forger – Forge a higher-quality Gem by combining three Gems of the same quality.
  • Rule of Three – Unlock 3 Gem slots
  • Best Defense – Equip 3 Siege Upgrades on an Assault Team.
  • Fit for War – Complete a challenge to upgrade a piece of gear.
  • Hostile Takeover – Defeat a Warchief.
  • Vandal – Destroy a Monument.
  • Speak Friend and Enter – Open one of the Ithildin Doors.
  • Bound by Blood – Complete an Online Vendetta.
  • Avenged – Complete a Vendetta Mission.
  • Master Forger – Forge a top tier Gem.
  • Promise Keeper – Issue a Death Threat, and then successfully kill the target.
  • Death is not the End – Resurrect a Follower Captain.
  • Dismantled – Disable an Outpost.
  • The Stuff of Legend – Equip a full Legendary Gear set.
  • Finished Tales – Recover all Gondorian artifacts.
  • The Web Revealed – Uncover the final Shelob memory and reveal the Web of Fate.
  • Forged by War – Unlock all player skills.
  • Purge – Purify all the Haedir.
  • The Operative – Turn all of a Warchief’s bodyguards (minimum 2) into spies, then confront him.
  • Such Great Heights – Reach the rank of Captain in Online Conquest.
  • No Orc Left Behind – Rescue a Follower who’s been captured.
  • Better Luck Next Time – Meet an Enemy or a Follower who has cheated death.
  • Everything is Permitted – Shame an Assassin until he becomes deranged.
  • It Came From Within – Start a Conquest with all Warchiefs as spies.
  • Power Couple – Send a Follower to support another Follower in a Nemesis Mission.
  • Overkill – Send a Follower to kill another Follower in a pit fight.
  • Life of the Party – Send a Destroyer on a Vendetta Mission.
  • If You Can’t Beat Them – Dominate an Orc after he’s killed you three or more times.
  • Headhunter – Recruit a Follower of every Advanced Class.
  • I Like to Watch – Watch a Follower murder another Captain without helping him.
  • Second Age Warrior – Complete all Shadow of the Past missions in one region.
  • Rough Rider – Ride every type of beast and rare beast.
  • Wild Things – Kill a drake while riding a graug.
  • Trolling – Kill a Captain while riding an Olog.
  • Vertical Mobility – Help a grunt become an Overlord.
  • Blood on Blood – Make a Captain kill his bloodbrother.
  • Nemesis – Encounter the same Orc 3 times in nemesis missions without killing him.
  • Feed the Beasts – Attract every kind of beast using bait.
  • Bad Boss – Strike a Follower until he’s had enough.
  • Follower Perks – Use a Training Order to give a Follower a gang.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War ligt vanaf 10 oktober in de winkels.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War

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    Wanneer mogen de reviews los van deze game ?

  2.    1720 XP
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    Ik wacht nog FF ik wil zien hoe diep ze de microtransacties in de game hebben gestopt.

  3. Anoniem -   
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    Geen trophy “Spend $1000 in real money on this game”?

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    @92.108.244.xxx: Kan er nog antwoord gegeven worden op mijn vraag ?

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    @92.108.244.xxx: Had je snel zelf kunnen opzoeken in plaats van hier zuur te doen, maar goed. Er is nog niets over geweten, dus de kans is groot dat ze wachten tot op de dag van de release.

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