Eerder deze zomer kwam Yakuza Kiwami uit voor de Westerse markt. Een groter succes dan verwacht, maar desondanks wordt er nog niet gesproken over deel twee voor het Westen.

In Japan staat de game echter gepland voor 7 december van dit jaar en dus is er al voldoende informatie beschikbaar. Via Famitsu werd er meer bekendgemaakt over de Cabaret Club minigame en Clan Creator. Daarnaast zijn er ook enkele screenshots vrijgegeven. Meer hieronder:

Clan Creator

  • The rules have changed! Yakuza Kiwami 2’s Clan Creator now opperates similarly to tower defense games. You will be able to strengthen your buildings with money, making them harder for enemies to take down in this new “Defensive-Style” real time strategy game.
  • Victory is now determined on defending your property. If enemy attacks are prevented and your buildings remain standing victory is yours.
  • Clan Creator cards are now obtainable in multiple ways. You can obtain them through substories, fighting opponents at the coliseum, or putting out an ad.
  • There has been the addition of several new recruitable characters, and the return of characters from Yakuza 6’s Clan Creator. Kazuchika Okada was pictured as a Clan Creator card in the article along with Yuya, a reoccuring character in the Yakuza series.
  • Several quality of life improvements have been made to the UI, making it easier for players to look at their roster and manage their characters on the field.
  • The Network feature is now available to participate in specified missions where you can post your scores online to be ranked on a leaderboard.

Cabaret Club GP

  • Through competing the Cabaret Grand Prix you will unlock the story attached to this minigame. Several different tiers are available to provide the player with a sufficent challenge while progressing this unique new story. These new leagues include the Fresh League, the Paradise League, the Executive League, the Millionaire League, and lastly the Final Championship.
  • Cabaret Club GP has new features with it’s Fever Mode,. Kiryu will shower guests in champagne when Fever reaches a certain level.
  • A new class of customer may appear during this minigame. The Oil Baron is a new tier that is guarenteed to drop big bucks at your cabaret.
  • Familiar faces will return in this popular minigame! The Obatarian makes a return! Etsuko, along with other hostesses from Yakuza 0, will be recruitable once again.
  • You can now find and recruit new hostesses through postings, making it easier to find new additions to your roster.