Pasgeleden werd God Eater 3 officieel aangekondigd, waarna snel nieuwe screenshots verschenen.

Ook nu werden er weer screenshots onthuld, maar deze keer worden het hoofdpersonage, New Fields en Aragami in iets meer detail geïntroduceerd.

The Protagonist

An illustration and screenshots of the God Eater 3 protagonist have been revealed. He wields dual God Arcs, and wears bangles on each hand unlike previous God Arc users. His outfit his taped up in a number of places, and he wears a cape with an image of a broken Fenrir emblem.

New Fields

Field graphics have significantly evolved from previous titles and offer an atmospheric sensation through the depth and expression of light, dust particles, and other details.
—A canyon field where the sun shines through the dust hanging over. The protruding rocks have been broken, and their insides have dissolved and are illuminating as if they are eroding. Human-made objects can be seen here and there.

New Aragami

Aragami graphics and motions have significantly evolved from previous titles. Aragami will become an even greater threat that attack the player.
First details on the new Aragami, which was only shown as a silhouette in previous trailers, have been revealed. Its massive appearance will overwhelm the player.

New Actions

The God Arc possessed by the protagonist can transform into a two-handed weapon by connecting the handles. Whether the protagonist is in the Burst state or not, Oracle Cells will pour out from the bangle on his right arm.

Over een releasedatum voor het Westen werd nog niet gesproken, dit is vooralsnog even afwachten.