Naast Data Pack 2.0 heeft Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 vandaag ook een grote update gekregen. Deze update draagt versienummer 1.03 en alhoewel dat klinkt als een kleine update, brengt de patch toch een aantal ingrijpende veranderingen met zich mee. Zo is de balans van overtredingen aangepast, reageren keepers nu anders op schoten op het doel en is de AI van de verdediging verbeterd.

Verder voert men een hele hoop fixes door die de game naar een hoger niveau moeten tillen. De volledige changelog met alle aanpassingen kun je hieronder nalezen, de patch is nu live voor de game.


  • Player selection criteria when switching the cursor.
  • The balance of COM defence and foul decisions.
  • How goalkeepers respond to shots.
  • The AI of the final defensive line when defending.



  • Adding users to the Rejection List in ‘Follow’ after Online CO-OP matches sometimes failed to add the users to the list
  • After meeting the certain conditions, COM players did not kick the ball in a penalty shoot-out
  • When choosing sides in Versus Mode, it was sometimes impossible to select specific personal data
  • The formation of certain managers displayed differently in the Squad Management and Game Plan sections
  • In the Attack Breakdown section of the Play Analysis, the defensive Advanced
  • Instructions would appear instead of the offensive ones


  • In SIM matches, Match Data was displayed in the 1st half but this automatically switched to display Pitch Data in the 2nd half

Master League

  • The Forward Time feature could not used be if certain players were obtained and released from the team on the same date
  • Injured players did not recover if a new Master League was started after turning injuries off in the General Settings for Exhibition Matches, and then playing a match
  • Owner comments were sometimes incorrect
  • If a player was selected for trade and the trade completed, the player became unselectable if trade negotiations were reopened
  • The standings for the PLA League and Chilean League could not be viewed

Become a Legend

  • The Mastery Level of ‘Weak Foot Usage’ and ‘Weak Foot Accuracy’ was difficult to improve