Er is een nieuwe update beschikbaar voor Sports Bar VR. Het gaat hier om een behoorlijk grote update met versienummer 2.0 en deze patch brengt aardig wat belangrijke veranderingen en toevoegingen met zich mee.

Misschien wel de grootste toevoeging is Cross-Play. Met de nieuwe update is het mogelijk om Sports Bar VR met PlayStation VR te spelen samen met spelers die gebruikmaken van Oculus Rift of HTC Vive. Daarnaast introduceert update 2.0 ook enkele nieuwe spellen. Verder zijn er ook verbeteringen doorgevoerd voor meerdere spellen die al in de game zaten.

De update biedt echter nog meer, waaronder een nieuw ticketsysteem dat je allerlei items laat verdienen. Ook is de user interface van Sports Bar VR verbeterd. Hieronder kun je lezen wat de nieuwe update precies met zich meebrengt. Ook is er nog een trailer van Sports Bar VR update 2.0 vrijgegeven en ook die kun je hieronder vinden.

  • Cross-Play: Bringing PlayStation and PC together, cross-play has been introduced between the three leading platforms: Steam, Oculus Home, and PlayStation VR. Play and chat with your friends no matter which VR headset they own!
  • New and Classic Games: Play the all new Chained Reaction game and see who has the fastest reflexes in 3 different game modes. Try out the all new puzzle wall, or the variety of fun games you’d find in a typical sports bar including improved darts (now with AI), improved air hockey, ramp ball, shuffleboard (now with AI) and more. Just about every classic pub game is here…all in beautiful social, realistic VR, and with daily challenges.
  • Enhanced Pool Games and Modes: All seven pool tables are now playable in the bar. Play four different game types: 8 ball, 9 ball, 3 Ball and Killer in 1v1 or doubles.
  • More People, More Fun: Online matches have increased to eight players, so there is more social fun to be had, but don’t worry, player audio is spatialized so if others are across the bar, you won’t hear them just like in a real bar. You can also turn on your personal space bubble to keep others from getting too close for comfort and create a sphere of calm tranquility.
  • New Ticket Economy: Win tickets for games played and get daily login bonuses and happy hour multipliers to really get those tickets flowing. Use your tickets to purchase new pool cues, hats, and table skin decals.
  • Improved User Interface: A completely re-designed pub with a new streamlined UI includes a mini-map for finding other players and makes moving around easier than ever. Easily switch your dominant hand, change your cue locking style, and change your ball spin control. Everything is now quickly accessible on the hand menu.