Een nieuwe week en dat betekent een handjevol nieuwe trailers van de speelbare personages uit het aankomende Dynasty Warriors 9. Naast de trailers die je de afgelopen weken voorbij hebt zien komen, is er ook een nieuwe trailer verschenen die je up-to-date brengt over alle features. Ook in deze trailer kan je een glimp opvangen van een paar personages uit de game. Bekijk die trailer hieronder.

De trailers die draaien om de personages zijn niet al te lang, maar laten je alvast kennismaken met de verschillende figuren en hun eigen krachtige musou-aanval. Dynasty Warriors 9 zal op 13 februari verschijnen voor de PlayStation 4.

Zhang Chunhua – Sima Yi’s wife and the mother of Sima Shi & Zhao who unfortunately loses her Wire Claws from her debut in Dynasty Warriors 8, and is now sharing the same weapon type as the newcomer Xun You, the Steel Whipsword.

Dian Wei – He is one of Cao Cao’s closest bodyguards who was well known for his sacrifice when Cao Cao was ambushed at Wan Castle. He still retains his Hand Axe which has been with him in almost every Dynasty Warriors game save for Dynasty Warriors 6.

Gan Ning – He is a famous pirate who would eventually serve Wu as one of its generals. He was also known as Gan Ning of the Bells as he always carried bells that make noise when he’s on the move. After a series of weapon changes, he goes back to sharing the Chain Sickle with Jia Xu as he did previously in Dynasty Warriors 7.

Wei Yan – He is a warrior who went with Huang Zhong to serve Liu Bei after their previous liege Han Xuan was defeated by the former. He retains his signature Double Voulge weapon which has been in almost every DW game except Dynasty Warriors 6.

Xu Shu – And finally, we have Xu Shu, who was Liu Bei’s first strategist before he got tricked into serving Cao Cao because his mother was taken captive by the latter. He also lost his Hooked Fencing Sword from his debut in Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires and now shares the same General Sword as Cao Cao, although he still retains his EX and Musou attacks from past games.