Vorige week werden er een aantal trailers vrijgegeven van Dynasty Warriors 9, waarin diverse personages aan bod kwamen. Koei Tecmo heeft nu wederom hetzelfde gedaan, alleen dan met andere vechters die in het spel aanwezig zullen zijn.

Ditmaal zijn er vijf personages in actie te zien, namelijk: Cai Wenji, Wen Yang, Fa Zheng, Han Dang en Meng Huo. Met deze vechters zal je vanaf 13 februari aan de slag kunnen, want dan ligt Dynasty Warriors 9 in de winkels. De nieuwe video’s zijn zoals altijd hieronder te zien.

Cai Wenji – A famous poet who was abducted by the northern Xiongnu tribe but was later peacefully rescued by Cao Cao. Unfortunately, she loses her Harp and now shares the Whip with Diaochan and Zhenji.

Wen Yang – He is the eldest son of Wen Qin, a Wei general who rebelled against the Sima clan. When Wen Qin was killed by Zhuge Dan in the latter’s rebellion, however, Wen Yang and his brother Wen Hu would defect to the Sima clan and eventually served the Jin kingdom established by the latter, living through the reunification of China. For whatever reason, Wen Yang had the Javelin from his Dynasty Warriors 8 debut ditched, so he now has to share Zhou Cang’s Mowing Blade together with Sun Ce.

Fa Zheng – He is a strategist who initially served Liu Zhang but later pledged his allegiance to Liu Bei. He was one of the key figures in the ploy that would see the ownership of Chengdu switch from Liu Zhang to Liu Bei. He loses his Linked Clothes from his recent debut in Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends and now shares Xun You’s Steel Whipsword.

Han Dang – He is a veteran general who served three generations of the Sun clan. Although he outlived his comrades Huang Gai and Cheng Pu, Dynasty Warriors has been depicting him as a man who doesn’t receive the reputation he deserved compared to the other two. He retains the Short Pike which has been assigned to him since his debut in Dynasty Warriors 8.

Meng Huo – He is the king of Nanman which rules the southern Nanzhong territory. He initially rebelled against the Shu kingdom but would eventually yield peacefully to them after Zhuge Liang captured him alive seven times in a row in the ensuing conflict. After being previously assigned the Stele in Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires and Dynasty Warriors 6Empires, he reverts back to using the Knuckle Gloves which was last assigned to him in Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends.