Enige tijd geleden verscheen update 2.0 voor Monster Hunter: World. Deze voegde het nieuwe monster Deviljho aan de game toe. Na bijna twee weken is er een nieuwe update verschenen en deze verhelpt een probleem met de boog.

De Dragon Piercer aanval had namelijk zo zijn problemen en die worden nu verholpen. Tevens worden er nog wat andere zaken aangepakt. Update 2.01 is nu te downloaden.

  • In Update Ver. 2.00, a balance update was done to the bow’s Dragon Piercer attack to fix a bug where you could shoot past the attack’s angle limitations. However due to this update, when the target is lined up with the reticle at a very fast speed and the Dragon Piercer fires, it was discovered that the player may not be able to face in the direction of the reticle. This has been fixed so that even if the player is aiming at a target quickly in a direction they are not facing, the reticle will still be able to aim in that direction. (Please note that during Dragon Piercer, if the reticle is aimed at an area outside of the allowed range, the attack will fire in the direction the player is facing)
  • When selecting loadouts during Arena Quests, a bug occurred where the item window order would change. However, this has now been retooled as part of the game design.
    • From the default cursor position, the item pouch order when checking equipment info will be from left to right.
    • Next, the fixed items will appear in the following order, left to right: Whetstone, Capture Net, Fishing Rod, and BBQ Spit.
    • The last items will be the specialized tools, listed from left to right.