Afgelopen dinsdag kwam de Warmind uitbreiding uit voor Destiny 2, samen met update 1.2.0. De release verliep op zichzelf prima, maar er zijn wel verschillende issues opgedoken die op korte termijn opgelost moeten worden.

Bungie heeft nu aangegeven waar momenteel aan gewerkt wordt. De Rat King issues, alsook een aantal van de onderstaande problemen zullen aangepakt worden met hotfix die dinsdag in de game geïmplementeerd wordt. Wanneer de andere punten worden aangepakt is nog niet bekend.

Clan XP Milestone Rewards

  • We have identified an issue where players are not receiving Powerful Engrams when completing the Clan XP Milestone.
  • Players are instead rewarded with Legendary Engrams, granting rewards under 340 Power.

Crucible Fireteam Matchmaking

  • Due to issues discovered at launch, Crucible Fireteam Matchmaking changes introduced in Update 1.2.0 were temporarily disabled.
  • A portion of this feature has been enabled. This will slightly improve the matchmaking experience for solo players vs. pre-made fireteams in Crucible playlists.

Rat King

  • Due to an issue impacting Rat King, we have temporarily disabled access to this weapon.
  • Players may experience issues if they currently have the weapon equipped.
  • Signing out and back in to Destiny 2 will resolve these issues.

Everything else

  • Strike Pursuits: We are aware of and investigating issues where strikes may not be tracked correctly for some in-game pursuits.
  • If you run into this issue, follow the mitigation steps.
  • Console Performance: We are currently investigating player reports regarding impacted performance on some consoles following Update 1.2.0.
  • Contender’s Shell Engrams: Players have reported that the Contender’s Shell is awarding Illuminated Engrams from Season 2.
  • Robes of Sekris: We are investigating an issue that prevents the lower portions of the Robes of Sekris from displaying properly in game.
  • Shadow Dance and Salute Emotes: We are investigating an issue that may be preventing the Shadow Dancer or Salute emotes from being accessible in the Emote Collection of players that own the license for these emotes.
  • Season 3 Emblems: We are investigating an issue in which stowed Season 3 emblems may not be showing up in the Emblem Collection for players who do not own Warmind.
  • Gunsmith Mods: We are investigating an issue preventing players from purchasing some legendary mods from the Gunsmith.
  • Boon of the Vanguard/Crucible: We are investigating an issue where the Boon of the Vanguard and the Boon of the Crucible are not currently available on their respective vendors.
  • Joining Allies: We are investigating reports from players who get stuck in an endless “Joining Allies” loop when playing in Strikes. Players encountering this issue should report to the #Help forum and include any video footage they have of this issue.