Volgende maand begint het WK Voetbal weer en Electronic Arts heeft al laten weten dat zij hier op inspringen en FIFA 18 gaan voorzien van een gratis World Cup-update. Dat is echter niet de enige voetbalgame die zoiets krijgt. Ook VRFC zal een uitbreiding krijgen die is geïnspireerd op het grootste voetbalevenement ter wereld voor landenteams.

De virtual reality voetbalgame voor de PlayStation 4 zal op 7 juni worden voorzien van de Football Nation 2018-update. Deze voegt een toernooi toe voor landenteams, vergelijkbaar met het WK Voetbal. De update zal tevens een aantal aanpassingen met zich meebrengen die de gameplay ten goede komen. Deze zijn als volgt:

Penalties, should your game result in a draw, this was intentionally missed from our first Football VR title and was one of the top requested features and is a great addition to the game.

Professional Rules, we have implemented a automated version of throw ins and corners and half time. Providing a more realistic experience without interrupting play

Teams, with the introduction of the new 2018 tournament free content update you can play as your country and be in with a chance of winning the world’s first VR Football tournament! Each win awards the winning team 3 points, the team with the highest score at the end of the tournament wins the Football Nation 2018 Tournament.

Solo play against the AI, by popular demand AI players now make up the numbers on the pitch, you can even take them on solo if you wish.

Eighteen Players on the pitch, and still running at 90fps, in an effort to provide a more realistic tournament experience, Football Nation will offer 16 players on the pitch, (18 including keepers) so a couple of your players went rogue and got a red card!

New Simple controls for an easier to pick up and play experience; with a lot of tweaking the and a huge learning curve to overcome from us we have fine tuned the controls to make a much easier to play experience, you no longer need to press a button to shoot, the main controls now are based around simple to pick up motions with the move controllers.

Including all new head facing controls; this was a popular request by the PSVR community and actually really aids in the pick up and play ability of the game.

Play together, Score incredible goals as a team, pass the ball and finish off heading into the back of the net. All-new passing controls give you more control over when the AI pass to you so you can plan your attack.