Far Cry 5 update 1.07 lost diverse problemen op

Far Cry 5 heeft weer een nieuwe update mogen ontvangen en deze lost vooral een hele hoop problemen op. Tegelijkertijd voegt het ook Assassin’s Creed assets toe aan de Far Cry Arcade editor en er worden nieuwe laadschermen toegevoegd voor nog wat meer variatie.

De onderstaande changelog spreekt verder redelijk voor zich, dus check de lijst hieronder voor alle details van update 1.07.

New Additions

  • New Avatar Items added in the Character Customization (FC3 Vaas & Citra, ACO Bayek & Aya)
  • New assets added in the Arcade Editor – Assassin’s Creed Origins
  • New loading screens added

Stability & Performance

  • Fixed multiple low occurrence crashes
  • Fixed an issue where the FPS could drop below 30 at certain locations in the world
  • Fixed an issue where the player could become stuck in a death loop after crashing the plane into Joseph’s statue, or by falling off of the radio tower on Dutch’s Island


  • Fixed multiple low occurrence walkthrough breaks
  • Fixed an issue where the player would be spawned outside of the vehicle when failing and respawning during the mission “Special Delivery”
  • Fixed an issue where the Death Wish vehicle would not spawn during the mission “Death Wish”
  • Fixed an issue where the bleeding timer is not synchronized in Coop during the mission “Where it all Began”
  • Fixed an issue where the objective was missing during the mission “Ignorance is Bliss” after a cinematic
  • Fixed an issue where the game could become stuck while opening the map after completing the mission “Man’s Best Friend”
  • Fixed an issue where the Nick Rye’s plane would become stuck if one coop player took the plane while the other liberated John Seed’s Ranch


  • Fixed an issue where the gas hissing SFX would continuously play when holstering the flamethrower after equipping it from the shop
  • Fixed an audio issue where certain vehicles and weapon/attachment combinations were missing sound
  • Fixed an issue where certain SFX were not always playing in caves
  • Fixed an issue with missing SFX when reloading the P08 in certain situations
  • Fixed an issue with missing SFX when the player is hit by a baseball bat
  • Fixed an issue with missing engine SFX when piloting the Far Cry 5® Hours of Darkness, Kaumbat OH-04B Foxfly “Viet Cong” helicopter in the main game
  • Fixed an issue where the impact SFX of the Shovel Launcher would not play the proper SFX in some situations

Companion, Enemy & Animal AI

  • Fixed some minor issues with bear and cougar attack animations
  • Fixed an issue with improper animations playing for NPC’s under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where GFH would not react to bullet impact while swimming

Gameplay & UI

  • Fixed an issue where kills made with the SVD were being counted as Assault Rifle kills
  • Fixed an issue where the special fishing lures were available before purchasing the “Fisher King” perk
  • Fixed an issue where the buff visual effects could stay on screen under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where the helicopters rockets could explode immediately when firing them after firing flares
  • Fixed some clipping issues with various clothing items
  • Fixed an issue where the 1970 Kimberlite ZZT could not be repaired after it was damaged with fire
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon tracking would still occur after setting “Aiming Assists” to “Off” in the Gameplay options
  • Fixed an issue where equipped attachments to the MP34 would disappear when switching with another weapon, then picking up the MP34 back up
  • Fixed an issue where the health regeneration stops working when returning the main game after playing an Arcade map using the “No Health Regen” modifier
  • Fixed an issue where blood stains would appear on allied players when performing a melee attack with a baseball bat in Main Game Coop or Arcade Coop and PVP
  • Fixed an issue where helicopters could become unusable after taking explosion damage
  • Fixed an issue where player was able to carry a third melee weapon type
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s health is fully restored when changing game difficulty from the Gameplay menu while in game
  • Fixed an issue where the propeller blades of helicopters would spin unnaturally when a passenger exits the vehicle
  • Fixed an issue where the icons for the M-16, SVD, M60-V and MP5SD could become missing from the weapon wheel
  • Fixed an issue where the currency icon appears blurry if the player does not have enough money to purchase something
  • Fixed an issue where some icons on the world map would move when scrolling through the map
  • Fixed an issue with the “Sell Loot” button not refreshing after selling loot in a Shop
  • Fixed an issue where the subtitle background setting would reset after rebooting the game


  • Fixed an issue where client was unable to sell a location map after looting it
  • Fixed an issue where GFH were being replicated above the water while swimming during a coop session
  • Fixed an issue where the fog of war would reappear for the client after re-joining a previous session
  • Fixed an issue where the client could lose his ability to craft when joining a player during the mission “Enemies at the Gate”
  • Fixed an issue where the partner’s animation would become offset when spawning in a mounted gun after the coop leash is broken
  • Fixed an issue where both players would become invulnerable after dying and respawning in a helicopter together so long as the host remained in the helicopter
  • Fixed an issue where the time of day would change very fast for the client when opening the map while in the passenger seat of a vehicle
  • Fixed an issue where the client could become stuck in the shop menu if set on fire by the host before accessing the menu
  • Fixed an issue where a player in downstate cannot be revived when a GFH is interrupted while attempting to revive the player


  • Fixed an issue where the money and perk point values would disappear from the Arcade menu after interacting with the Silver Bars menu
  • Fixed an issue where the timer and score indicators would sometimes disappear
  • Fixed an issue where picking up ammo, throwables or medkits would not display a notification
  • Fixed an issue where the Ultimate Hunter icon was appearing incorrectly in the Arcade
  • Fixed an issue where weapons would sometimes be missing for players after a host migration occurred
  • Fixed an issue where the game could become unresponsive if the host is on fire when completing a map
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect loading screen icon could sometimes appear in the snapshot of the map
  • Fixed an issue where the firing a mortar round will close all other clients aim view if they are also on a mortar
  • Fixed an issue where the weapons would sometimes disappear from a player’s hand after a host migration
  • Fixed an issue where the Arcade logo would overlap with some text.
  • Fixed an issue in the Arcade Shop menu where money and perks would not be displayed correctly.
  • Game mode objective should now be correctly be displayed while in the lobby.
  • Updated the modifier(s) information seen in the map information panel.
  • Fixed an issue where changes made in the interface could have ended up not being correctly saved.
  • Homeopathic timer is now displayed.
  • Fixed a possible issue where the host could end up with the homeopathic icon stuck once killed.
  • Fixed an issue with the mortar where the interface could be closed if other clients performed the same action at the same time.
  • Added notifications when picking up ammo, weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could enter in an unresponsive state if the host was on fire while the match completed.
  • Fixed a possible issue where the health regeneration would not work correctly in the campaign if you previously played a Solo or Co-op map with the ‘Disable Health Regeneration’ modifier set to ‘On’.

Map Editor

  • Updates made in the Editor’s terrain types.
  • Updated the ‘empty map’ thumbnail under the ‘terrain type’ setting.
  • Fixed an issue where the map’s thumbnail could be incorrect when you opened it for editing under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘music theme’ that would persist in some conditions.
  • Fixed a possible crash that could occur once you selected ‘Back to Arcade Editor’.
  • Fixed some camera issues when swimming in lakes.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur on consoles where the top shader of lakes would not be the correct one.
  • Fixed an issue with the lake where it covered a wider area if it was to be rotated.
  • Assets using fake lighting will not be counted anymore in the lighting budget.
  • Fixed an issue with animation points where once the map was exported the npcs would not exit them correctly.
  • When navigating the object browser on consoles you will now be returned to the previous folder rather then to the top of the list.
  • The military med kit is now correctly added to your inventory once picked-up.
  • Fixed an issue with the terrain decals where once your map gets published they were not rendered.
  • Fixed an issue on consoles where holes made in the terrain would appear filled-up once the map got published.
  • Fixed a possible issue where small parts of terrain could be seen stretching towards the skybox.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the terrain where when viewed in a certain angle you would notice parallel lines. To fix this you will need to re-publish your map.
  • Updated some objet thumbnails that were either in the incorrect angle, flipped or harder to see.
  • Updated some ‘Hours of Darkness’ assets to be in the correct categories, removed duplicate entries.
  • Various fixes made to ‘Hours of Darkness’ assets: Warehouse Terrace Furnished, Warehouse 02 Empty, Base Sandbags Empty, Base Sandbags Furnished, Warehouse Terrace Empty, Warehouse Metal (Furnished / Open 01 / Open 02), House Terrace Window 01 Opened.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck if the objective was completed while on fire or swatting bees.
  • Adjustments to the map validation and management location on consoles.
  • Updated the Ultimate Hunter homeopathic icon.
  • Fixed an issue with object icons and some interface elements being briefly displayed when entering the options menu while in play/explore mode.
  • Fixed an issue with tags that could occur in Bounty hunt mode in certain conditions.
  • Fixed a possible issue with long range shadow rendering.
  • Updated the character/vehicle navigation mesh transparency on consoles.
  • Fixed a possible issue in ‘play mode’ where ammo clips could be stuck on npcs once killed.
  • Fixed an issue where the link was not seen when you selected several npcs to be assigned to a control zone.
  • Fixed an issue with shaders on lakes in the In-Game Editor.
  • Fixed an issue where lakes would cover a larger surface area depending on how it was rotated.
  • Fixed some minor issues related to various assets from the Far Cry 5® Hours of Darkness DLC.
  • Fixed some minor issues with overlapping text in the asset selection menus.
  • Fixed an issue where the top layer of lakes would not display the correct shaders on consoles.
  • Fixed an issue with the draw distance of shadows in the Arcade Editor.
  • Fixed an issue where ammo clips would become stuck in an NPC’s hand after they were killed.

Far Cry 5 – Hours of Darkness DLC

  • Fixed an issue where some sounds would become muted for a client joining a session during the opening cinematic.
  • Fixed an issue where the client could spawn with no weapons if the host dies while the client is on a loading screen.
  • Fixed an issue on XB1 where the game would lose all sound and freeze under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with missing SFX while hovering the mouse cursor over “Accept” and “Cancel” buttons after taking documents at extraction point.
  • Fixed an issue where “Leave no one behind” and “Make them count” Classic Challenges do not unlock after completing Far Cry 5® Hours of Darkness.
  • Fixed a couple issues with collecting the documents at the extraction point.
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  1.    294 XP
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    Weer geen New game+ helaas.

  2. Anoniem -   
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    Ben geen problemen tegengekomen eerlijk gezegd, toffe game.

  3. Anoniem -   
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    die frame drops waren idd irritant, bij release van game gewoon stabiele 60 fps maar na een update van farcry max 40?

  4. Anoniem -   
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    zoo dat zijn enkele wijzigingen zeg…pfff

  5.    109 XP
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    Nu nog een playlist voor map makers…

  6. Anoniem -   
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    Komen ze nou mee aan.

    Ik vond hours of darkness trouwens erg tegenvallen. Was maar een tientje maar dan nog… Meer van verwacht

  7. Anoniem -   
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    @80.56.22..xxx: ik ook dikke tegenvaller met veel ai fouten

  8. Anoniem -   
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    Na mijn platinum heb ik deze game niet meer aangeraakt.

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    sebiet eens kijken.


  10. Anoniem -   
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    typische ubiflop game weer. weinig optimalisatie, alles letterlijk gekopieerd van alle andere ubiflop games, patches die meedere a4tjes lang zijn. komop man boycot deze gasten nou eens

  11. Anoniem -   
    104.197.0..xxx's avatar


    je maakte nooit gebruik van een helikopter (onderste in het lijstje)?
    dat ding maakte namelijk geen geluid. verder geen problemen tot nu toe idd

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