Nieuwe informatie over subclasses en Supers van Destiny 2 – Forsaken bekendgemaakt

Destiny 2 – Forsaken brengt in september een hoop nieuwe content naar de game. Deze grote uitbreiding zal ook drie nieuwe subclasses toevoegen per personage en die komen allen met een eigen Super. In de laatste editie van Game Informer is meer informatie over deze subclasses en Supers bekendgemaakt.

Hieronder het overzicht met de drie subclasses voor de Hunter, Titan en Warlock. Zo te zien brengt Forsaken best interessante nieuwe mogelijkheden naar de game, waarbij de Supers erg goed klinken.

Hunter Class

Nightstalker Subclass: Way of the Wraith

  • Standard – The smoke bomb slows enemies when caught in the cloud and doles out plenty of damage.
  • Perk – Landing a perfect, precision kill will make the Nightstalker turn invisible and they will gain true sight.
  • Super: Spectral Blades – Turns the Nightstalker invisible and provides the player with twin void blades. They can then sneak around the battlefield unseen before striking.

Gunslinger Subclass: Way of a Thousand Cuts

  • Standard – The Gunslinger’s melee move throws out a fan of burning knives.
  • Perk – Killing enemies while they are burning will recharge this ability, plus, burning enemies will also recharge the Hunter’s dodge.
  • Super: Blade Barrage – Doubles down on the Hunter’s knife skills allowing them to dish out some explosive kills. Basically, Way of a Thousand Cuts its an amped-up version of the Hunter’s knife abilities.

Arcstrider Subclass: Way of the Current

  • Standard – Sliding before dishing out a melee attack causes the player to perform a staff-powered, uppercut strike. Any melee attacks will also increase reload speed.
  • Perk – All Arc abilities electrify enemies, and if you go on to melee them after electrified, they will become disoriented. This will also recharge the Hunter’s abilities.
  • Super: Whirling Guard – Gives Hunters the ability to spin their staff to block incoming projectiles. These will be reflected back at the target, and will triple the damage doled out by the staff afterwards. In short, use the staff to reflect damage, and then go in and smack enemies around with it.

Titan Class

Sentinel Subclass: Code of the Commander

  • Standard – Melee ability causes an explosion.
  • Perk – With Code of the Commander, all void melee attacks attach a void detonator. Enemies with a detonator attached will explode when damaged, and the fallout causes detonators to be attached to enemies caught in the explosion.
  • Grenade – The grenade ability partially recharges grenade energy for the Titan and nearby allies when the detonators are triggered.
  • Super: Banner Shield – Produces a barrier absorbing enemy attacks when holding guard. Allies can shoot through the barrier, making it a good option for boss damage rotation.

Sunbreaker Subclass: Code of the Devastator

  • Standard – The melee ability allows the Titan to throw a hammer which physically remains in the world. Retrieving it will fully charge the melee ability and trigger health regen.
  • Perk – The more Solar kills made, the more damage will increase stacking up to three times.
  • Super: Siege Hammer – Creates a much larger flaming hammer than before. When hitting it on the ground, it creates earthquake-like tremors and sends out a flaming tornado.

Striker: Code of the Missile

  • Standard – While airborne, press melee to slam into the ground like a mini Fist of Havoc.
  • Perk – Picking up ammo while sliding will reload the Titan’s weapon and increase damage for a short period of time.
  • Super: Thundercrash – Sends the Titan hurdling great distances like a missile. Players are able to control the trajectory before landing like a meteor.

Warlock Class

Voidwalker Subclass: Attunement of Fission

  • Standard – This new Atomic Breach melee ability creates a void explosion at range.
  • Perk – Any Void ability kills will heal the player and grant ability energy.
  • Grenade – While holding down the grenade button, the Warlock will create a AoE supernova explosion.
  • Super: Nova Warp – Empowers the player with a teleportation ability that allows them to continuously teleport short distances. This can be finished up with unleashing a large burst of explosive energy.

Stormcaller: Attunement of Control

  • Standard – Tapping melee flings out long distance electricity balls which will explode. Upon detonation, lightening bolts will stream downwards.
  • Perk – Arc kills have a chance to produce Ionic Tracers. This spark of raw, ionic energy will travel back to the player, and if collected, will recharge abilities.
  • Super – Chaos Reach – Fires a long range bolt of arc energy. This can be deactivated to save energy if needed.

Dawnblade Subclass: Attunement of Grace

  • Standard – Melee attacks burn enemies and empower allies.
  • Perk – Abilities pertaining to healing or empowering will replenish abilities which aren’t a super.
  • Grenade – Can be transformed into a Blessing by holding down the button. Doing so produces a projectile that can be used to heal allies. It also drops overshield orbs which can be retrieved.
  • Super: Well of Radiance – When the Warlock slams their sword into the ground, they will create a wide radius aura. It will heal and empower all allies which stand in it.

Destiny 2 – Forsaken verschijnt op 4 september voor de PlayStation 4, Xbox One en pc.

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    Super HYPED!! Zin in Forsaken 🙂

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    Mooizo heerlijke game!

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    Duurt veel te lang voor die dlc er is

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    Forsaken is het enige wat het spelen van D2 nog waard maakt

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    Dit speelt niemand meer…

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    Sinds gister ochtend is er en trailer verschenen van een tokyo ghoul game op de ps4. Hier is er zelfs een linkje van:
    Misschien handig om online te zetten op psx-sense?

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    Zeker zin in !

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    En dit allemaal voor een zacht prijsje van 70 euro ?

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    @Seb070NL: Nuttige reactie man.

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    En toch reageer je erop

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    @Seb070NL: zeg toch ook dat het nuttig is.

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    Zo dlc is gepre orderd

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    De informatie is toch best behoorlijk fout. Ten eerste komen er geen nieuwe subclasses, maar krijgen de bestaande subclasses een nieuwe super tak. Dat waren er 2 en dat worden er 3 per subclass.

    Daarnaast is deze uitbreiding onderdeel van de gratis seasonal sandbox upgrade, dus je krijgt het sowieso ongeacht of je wel of geen Forsaken aanschaft. Deze seasonal upgrade bevat ook allerlei andere wijzigingen zoals de collections, de weapon slot changes, de random rolls, enz, enz.

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