Trophies: Call Of Duty: World At War

  • Get Your Hands Dirty -Complete ‘Semper Fi’ on Veteran difficulty (Solo only)
  • Bloody Peleliu -Complete ‘Little Resistance’ on Veteran difficulty (Solo only)
  • The Sword Is Broken -Complete ‘Hard Landing’ on Veteran difficulty (Solo only)
  • Architect -Complete ‘Vendetta’ on Veteran difficulty (Solo only)
  • The Hammer Strikes -Complete ‘Their Land, Their Blood’ on Veteran difficulty (Solo only)
  • Scorched Earth -Complete ‘Burn ‘em Out’ on Veteran difficulty (Solo only)
  • Fearless – Complete ‘Relentless’ on Veteran difficulty (Solo only)
  • Hell on Wheels – Complete ‘Blood and Iron’ on Veteran difficulty (Solo only)
  • No Return – Complete ‘Ring of Steel’ on Veteran difficulty (Solo only)
  • When It Rains, It Pours – Complete ‘Eviction’ on Veteran difficulty (Solo only)
  • One Bad Gato – Complete ‘Blackcats’ on Veteran difficulty (Solo only)
  • Blowtorch and Corkscrew – Complete ‘Blowtorch and Corkscrew’ on Veteran difficulty (Solo only)
  • The Sun Sets – Complete ‘Breaking Point’ on Veteran difficulty (Solo only)
  • For the Motherland – Complete ‘Heart of the Reich’ on Veteran difficulty (Solo only)
  • Bearing the Burden – Complete ‘Downfall’ on Veteran difficulty (Solo only)
  • The Last Stand – Survive the conflict in Okinawa on any difficulty (Solo only)
  • Saved Private Ryan – Save the soldier before he burns to death
  • Weapon of Mass Destruction – Radio in a naval bombardment that kills at least 4 Japanese soldiers
  • Lights Out! – In ‘Black Cats’, blast out all of the spot lights in the Japanese cargo convoy (Solo only)
  • Rough Economy – Kill 3 enemies with a single round
  • Guardian Angel – In the final battle for Okinawa, save Sergeant Roebuck
  • Close Shave – Survive a banzai attack (Solo only)
  • Snake in the Grass – Take out a Japanese soldier lying in wait in the grass
  • No Safe Place – Burn an enemy out of a tree with the flamethrower in ‘Hard Landing’
  • Purple Heart – When staring into the face of adversity, show courage and persevere
  • Ruthless – Kill 15 enemies while mounted on a tank in ‘Ring of Steel’
  • Mortar-dom – Kill 8 Japanese with thrown mortars in ‘Breaking Point’
  • Shot in the Dark – Kill 10 enemies while the lights are out in the subway in ‘Eviction’
  • Blue Ribbon – Complete a 4-player Competitive Co-Op match in 1st place (Online co-op Only)
  • Get Your Left Foot Wet – Complete a match in Campaign Co-Op mode (Online co-op only)
  • Get Your Right Foot Wet – Complete a match in Competitive Co-Op mode (Online co-op only)
  • SECRET Dead Air – Must have been a wrong number. (Secret Trophy)
  • Hammer Time – Repair 200 window boards in a single game. (Map Pack 2 only)
  • It’s a Trap! – Kill at least one zombie with three different traps in a single round. (Map Pack 2 only)
  • Weapon of Minor Destruction – Kill no more than one zombie with a nuke. (Map Pack 2 only)
  • Perk-a-Holic – Have all four perks simultaneously active in a game of Nazi Zombies. (Map Pack 2 only)
  • Fertilizer Man – Kill 200 zombies in a single game. (Map Pack 2 only)
  • Big Brawler – Get 10 consecutive zombie melee kills before Insta-Kill expires. (Map Pack 2 only)
  • Elevate Your Senses! – Activate the Fly Trap. (Map Pack 3 only)
  • Locksmith! – Open all doors in the map. (Map Pack 3 only)
  • 40 Knives! – Kill 40 zombies with the bowie knife. (Map Pack 3 only)
  • Der Electrician! – Link all teleport pads before round 7. (Map Pack 3 only)
  • Frequent Flyer! – Use the teleporter 8 times. (Map Pack 3 only)
  • Wacker Packer! – Upgrade any weapon in Pack A Punch. (Map Pack 3 only)
  • The Might of the Monkey! – Use the Monkey Bomb. (Map Pack 3 only)

  • Carlson’s Raiders – Complete ‘Semper Fi’ on any difficulty (Solo only)
  • Stormed Peleliu – Establish a beachhead at Peleliu Island on any difficulty (Solo only)
  • Stabbed in the Heart – Complete all missions on the Eastern Front on any difficulty (Solo only)
  • The Professional – Shoot all of Amsel’s henchmen, including their attack dog, without reloading (Solo only)
  • Gunslinger – Assassinate General Amsel with a pistol shot (Solo only)
  • Grave Robber – Collect all Death Cards in the game (Solo only)
  • Throw a Six and a Half – On Hardened or Veteran difficulty, complete a level without dying (Solo only)
  • Firestarter – Complete a level using only the flamethrower. Melee, grenades & explosives are OK
  • Kamikaze – Complete a level on Regular difficulty or higher using only melee or grenades (Solo only)
  • Iron Fist – Destroy all towers and bunkers in ‘Blood and Iron’
  • Sum of All Zeros – Down 45 Japanese Zeros in ‘Black Cats’ (Solo only)
  • Deadhead – Get 150 zombie headshots in a single game. (Map Pack 2 only)
  • Big Baller – Earn 75,000 points in a single Nazi Zombies game. (Map Pack 2 only)
  • Soul Survivor – Reach round 15 in Nazi Zombies without getting revived. (Map Pack 2 only)
  • Perkaholics Anonymous! – Survive until round 20 without buying a single Perk. (Map Pack 3 only)
  • Acquire Waffle Weapons! – Obtain the Ray Gun, DG-2 and the Monkey Bomb at the same time in a game. (Map Pack 3 only)
  • Pack Addict! – Upgrade 5 weapons at the Pack A Punch Machine. (Map Pack 3 only)

  • Hardened War Hero – Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran difficulty (Solo only)
  • War Hero – Complete the game on any difficulty (Solo only)

  • Platinum – Awarded when all other trophies have been unlocked
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Call of Duty: World at War

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