Rocket League update 1.5 staat gereed en brengt veel veranderingen met zich mee

Psyonix heeft weer een nieuwe update voor Rocket League beschikbaar gesteld. Deze introduceert onder andere een nieuwe manier om op te levelen.

De update maakt het populaire spel ook gereed voor de aankomende ‘Rocket Pass’.  Dit is een tijdelijke mogelijkheid om nieuwe content te verdienen, die om de zoveel tijd beschikbaar wordt gesteld. Je kan de gratis versie kiezen, maar je kunt ook gaan voor een betaalde mogelijkheid, die €9,99 kost. Deze geeft je meer content om vrij te spelen en je kan ook ‘XP Boosts’ ontgrendelen.

Buiten het introduceren van nieuwe features worden er ook wat bugs aangepakt met de nieuwe update voor Rocket League. De volledige lijst is als volgt:


Rocket Pass

  • Rocket Pass 1 will go live the week after this update is released
  • Read more about Rocket Pass here

Achievements and Trophies

  • ‘Join the Club!’
  • ‘Together is Better’
  • ‘New Challenger’
  • ‘People Person’
  • ‘Squad Goals’
  • ‘Best of the Bunch’



  • The Garage Tabs have been reordered to make Goal Explosions easier to access
  • Increased Maximum Keys allowed in a single trade to 200
  • [Steam] Added “Particle Detail” to Video Options
  • [Nintendo Switch] Text Size of UI is now adjusted between Docked and Undocked states
  • Spectator Camera: Player hotkeys are now synchronized across all spectators
  • Updated visuals on some Arenas to better handle alternate team colors
  • Added controller vibration when you matchmake into a game


  • Gaining Experience and Leveling Up have been rebuilt from the ground-up
  • Experience (XP)
    • You can now only earn XP in Online Casual & Competitive Matches
    • XP is now primarily based on Match Length, not your score
    • You earn a scaling amount of XP for each second of a match, including Overtime, up to a maximum of 20 minutes
    • A match must be at least 60 seconds long to reward any XP
    • New match XP bonuses have been added, including:
    • Score
    • MVP
    • Consecutive Games (when you stay in the same Casual server)
    • Backfill (when you replace a bot in a Casual match)
    • Weekly Wins
    • Each day, you accumulate 2 Weekly Win bonuses, up to a maximum of 14 (one week’s worth)
    • Each win earns +200% XP and consumes one of your bonus wins
    • XP is only rewarded if a match is completed
    • Forfeiting a match counts as match completion
    • Match Stats that grant Score have been revised to focus on important events
    • Goals, Assists, Saves, Clears, etc. all still give Score and a notification
    • First Touch, Aerial Hit, Bicycle Hit, and Juggle Hit no longer award Score
    • These stats are still tracked and updated for your Career Stats page
  • Leveling
    • From Level 20 upward, Levels now require a flat amount of XP instead of taking progressively longer to earn
    • The Level 75 cap has been removed; there is no longer a Level cap
    • Conversion
    • All players have been converted to a new Level based on multiple factors, including total Online Matches played and total XP earned
    • Players Level 40 and below convert to roughly the same level as before
    • Players above Level 40 convert to a higher level than before
    • Players who have been capped at Level 75 for some time will gain extra Levels based on total Online Matches played
  • Rewards
    • Avatar Borders
    • Added a new Customization Item: Avatar Borders
    • You unlock new Avatar Borders by leveling up in addition to Titles
    • You can select a Border and customize its coloration from the Garage submenu
    • Borders are unlocked every 25 Levels up to Level 300, after which they are unlocked every 50 Levels
    • Uncommon / “Online” Drops
    • You will now receive a random Uncommon or higher item every time you Level up
    • Uncommon items and higher will no longer drop randomly after matches
    • Common / “Offline” Drops
    • You will now unlock all Common items for a specific Customization Item slot simultaneously, rather than one at a time
    • Each slot’s Common items are unlocked after a set number of total matches played (Online or Offline)
    • You will not lose access to any Common items you have already unlocked
    • Titles
    • Titles are now awarded to your account for reaching specific Levels
    • You will retain any Titles you have previously earned
    • You can equip any Title you have acquired via the “Titles” option in the Garage submenu, not just the highest-level one you possess
    • The ‘Rookie’ and ‘Semi-Pro’ Titles have been removed as part of this change to prevent players from equipping misleading titles for their skill level
    • Legacy XP Titles have had their level requirements adjusted for the new XP system.
    • ‘Veteran’: Level 20
    • ‘Expert’: Level 40
    • ‘Master’: Level 60
    • ‘Legend’: Level 80
    • ‘Rocketeer’: Level 100
    • Additional new titles are available every one hundred Levels after Level 100
    • Titles will also be available elsewhere, including Rocket Pass and Events

Match Forfeit

  • Forfeit Votes can no longer be triggered until 90 seconds have elapsed in a given Competitive Match
    • 1v1 Competitive Matches do not have the 90-second restriction
  • You can still Vote to Forfeit even after another player has left your team
    • Forfeiting allows you to still earn XP and rewards for a match
    • If you “Leave” early you will not earn XP
  • Players can now only trigger one Forfeit vote each unless everyone on their team has also initiated a Forfeit vote


  • You can now form a ‘Club’ with other players
  • A Club consists of:
    • A roster of up to 20 members
    • A Club Name
    • Between 3-32 characters
    • Club Names are not unique
    • A Club Tag
    • Between 2-4 characters
    • Shows before your username on banners, scoreboards, etc.
    • e.g. [PSY] Devone
    • Club Tags are not unique
    • Club Colors
    • Primary & Secondary
    • Club Owner
    • The player who created the Club by default
    • Can add/remove members
    • Ownership can be transferred to another Club member by the owner
    • Club Owners must transfer ownership before they leave a Club
  • Editing Your Club
    • The Club owner can rename a Club (name & tag) once per week
    • The Club owner can change the Club’s colors with no restrictions
  • Club Matches
    • When a Casual or Competitive Match is created and if each team is composed entirely of members of a single Club (one per team), a “Club Match” will be activated
    • Club Matches change the team colors and stadium colors to Club colors
    • If the colors are too similar, we find a suitable color for one team by first attempting to use their Secondary color, then a neutral option
    • Club Members who wish to opt out of this functionality can enable “Force Default Team Colors” under Interface Options
    • Club Names will replace “Blue Team” and “Orange Team” on the scoreboard, and when goals are scored
    • Club Matches do not occur in 1v1 matches, Private Matches, or Tournaments
  • Club Utilities
    • Clubs can set a Message of the Day (MOTD) to easily communicate to all members
    • The Private Match button in the Club Menu lets you quickly and easily create or join a lobby just for your Club
  • Verification
    • Clubs may be “Verified” which adds an exclusive checkmark by their name on the in-game scoreboard
    • This verification flag guarantees a particular club / player is the “real” one verified by Psyonix
    • Club Tags and Names are unique among Verified Clubs, but are not globally unique
    • Changing a Verified Club’s name or tag will cause it to lose verified status
    • Verification will only be made available to select partners and esports organizations
  • Cross-Platform
    • Clubs support cross-platform membership, but you will not be able to invite cross-platform players until the RocketID system is released later this year

Text Filtering

  • Implemented a new real-time text filtering system that applies to the following cases on all platforms:
    • Player Names
    • Club Names & Tags
    • Tournament Names and Team Names
    • [Steam] You may need to choose a new player name if your current player name is filtered out
    • Chat will be added to this filter system in a future update



  • Fixed Postgame Spotlight camera breaking if players left the match
  • When the “Match Notifications” option is set to Time Updates or Kickoffs Only, you will once again hear the audio cues for hidden notifications like “1 Minute Remaining”
  • Fixed an issue that could cause reconnecting to a Ranked Match to fail
  • Fixed appearance of Painted ‘Mainframe’ Decals
  • Fixed chat input being lost when an item popup occurs
  • Fixed an issue causing ball trail effects to shorten at high framerates
  • Fixed removing items from a trade by selecting them in the trade window
  • Fixed paint finish on ‘‘89 Batmobile’
  • Trails are now properly aligned with Wheels on ‘‘99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34’
  • Thumbnail of Painted ‘K2’ Wheels now display the correct color
  • Battle-Cars no longer spawn in as invisible to some players
  • Titanium White ‘MDGA’ Decal no longer appears as grey
  • Event Currency notification now properly displays after a match ends


  • New item notification shows for some players in Garage despite having no new items
  • [PS4, Xbox One] Details window not showing in trades when only one item per player is in the trade window
  • [macOS. SteamOS] Textures on some buildings in the background may be missing
  • On Salty Shores, some ground textures load a few seconds after reaching the Choose Team screen
  • Moving quickly between the Showroom and Garage may cause Boosts and Trails to not display properly when viewing in Redeem Rewards and Crate Preview menus
  • Some Gray Wheels (Voltaic) may appear similar to Titanium White variants
  • Black texture can be seen sometimes outside of the Neo Tokyo and Tokyo Underpass Arenas
  • [Steam] Some Rocket Boosts may appear shorter than normal when playing Rocket League at higher frame rates
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Rocket League


9 reacties

  1. Anoniem -'s avatar

    Super vet!

  2. Anoniem -'s avatar wat is hier super vet aan? Nog even en in elk spel kan/ mag je 10 euro elke 3 maanden uitgeven om extra spullen en xp te vergaren.

  3.    187 XP
    LionOfHolland's avatar

    Idd, echt geldklopperij dit. Waar is de tijd dat je skills nodig had om shit te unlocken gebleven?

  4. Anoniem -'s avatar

    Voorlopig brengt de update meer narigheid dan positieve dingen. Maar komt vast goed psyonix kennende

  5. Anoniem -'s avatar

    De gratis versie van battle pass laat ook gratis items vrij spelen/ krijgen, als je meer wilt kan je het kopen en je bent niet verplicht betreft alleen items spel speel je nog altijd du snap niet waarom er gezeurd wordt? Mvg

  6.    2203 XP
    Nasislike's avatar

    @LionOfHolland: RL heeft belachelijk veel unlockables die je kan vrijspelen door letterlijk te spelen. Gratis.
    Wie zegt dat ze dit moeten gaan doen, jaren nadat het spel al uit is geweest? Vroeger was dit ook niet het geval hoor met online games. Toen kreeg je een costumizable pack DLC ofzo voor een dikke prijs, naast de gratis unlockables die al in het spel zaten.

    Daarnaast, alles wat zegt!

  7.    2203 XP
    Nasislike's avatar

    Geweldige update weer! Een spel die het ook daadwerkelijk verdient om zo’n pass te kopen. Had een paar keer voor Fortnite gekocht, maar dat spel wordt zo snel saai imo.
    Rocket League heb ik echt honderden uren in zitten en ben nu tegen de Champion aan met nog veel te leren. Zo’n pass is veel en veel beter dan die kut crates. Hier weet je tenminste wat je gaat krijgen en blijft het wel leuk om er voor te spelen ook.

    Niet veel multiplayer games kunnen dit flikken overigens, maar ze gaan het waarschijnlijk wel proberen. COD, BF, etc zullen vast wel een online pass krijgen NAAST de season pass *barf*, maar die verdienen het totaal gewoon niet. Zet eerst maar een skillbased game neer die je jarenlang kan spelen zonder dat het saai wordt. Zo’n pass is eigenlijk ook wel iets F2P games ook. RL was op z’n duurst dan ook 20… En gratis op Plus op release, dus…
    Dat gezeik hier is totaal onterecht. Psyionix is niet geheel onschuldig though. Die crates van hun bijvoorbeeld is echt pure oplichterij. Liever een pass

  8. Anoniem -'s avatar als je kinderen had. ( jeugd). Dan snapte je het wel. Je kunt zometeen voor elk spel wat hun spelen een pas kopen om de 3 maanden. En daar gokken de makers ook op. Dus nee vind dit geen goeie ontwikkeling.

  9.    2209 XP
    mausi-gangsta's avatar

    Ervaart iemand anders dat je de bal niet meer zo hard kan schieten? Alsof dat ie verzwaard/verkleint is?

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