Met Operation Grim Sky begint alweer het derde seizoen van het derde jaar voor Rainbow Six Siege. Begin vorige maand maakte Ubisoft de eerste details van de nieuwe content bekend. Seizoen 3 zal twee nieuwe Operators aan de game toevoegen. Daarnaast kunnen spelers een rework van de map Hereford Base verwachten.

Inmiddels is ook de releasedatum onthuld. Ubisoft heeft laten weten dat Operation Grim Sky aanstaande dinsdag, 4 september, live zal gaan. Naast de genoemde nieuwe content gaat de start van het seizoen ook gepaard met een update. Deze brengt weer de nodige aanpassingen en fixes met zich mee. De changelog daarvan kun je hieronder bekijken.

Balancing changes


  • Decreased Blowtorch damage to Barbed Wire
  • Replace Smoke Grenades with Stun Grenades
  • Slighting increase the volume of the Blowtorch


  • Reduce the number of pellets required to destroy a hatch from 6 to 4.


  • Reduce the number of Concussion Grenades for the KS79 Lifeline from 4 to 3.


  • OTs-03 is no longer able to destroy Castle’s Armored Panels.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed – Weapons muzzle smoke is too thick and obscure the screen.
  • Fixed – The operator model will remain in the game if the user leaves the session while using the observation tool.
  • Fixed – Constant rattle SFX is played if the defuser is dropped on an uneven surface.
  • Fixed – Red Dot scopes have thickened textures on the lens, causing the user’s view to be partially obscured while in ADS.
  • Fixed – Player can shoot Montagne feet under the shield when fully extended.
  • Fixed – Shield Operators’ head exceed their shields when in crouch position when still.
  • Fixed – Shotguns have no recoil when shot rapidly.
  • Fixed – Smoke VFX is too thick when having the suppressor attached on some weapons.


  • Fixed – Clash’s shield effect are clipping through barricades when Taser Shield is active).
  • Fixed – Gadget are able to go through Clash’s electric shield.
  • Fixed – VFX is seen by attacker’s user when Clash uses her shield’s gadget on the enemy standing on the opposite side of the wall.
  • Fixed – Clash’s shield effects clip through barricades when Taser Shield is active.
  • Fixed – The Attacker will remain slowed if Clash dies at the same time she activates the CCE Shield.
  • Fixed – No muzzle flash coming out of Clash’s barrel.
  • Fixed – Clash can be shot through the extended shield if the enemy is forcing collision with it in prone position.
  • Fixed – Occasionally, accessing cameras while the Taser Shield is active will make the shield to activate automatically the next time it is equipped.


  • Fixed – Player can melee or Shoot operators clipping trought Mira black mirror Glass.


  • Fixed – The red Hinge on a reinforced wall is not destroyed by the breaching torch creating a one-way hole.
  • Fixed – Maverick’s Suri Torch (ADD) deals 5 damage instead of 2 damage.


  • Fixed – Fuze is unable to place a Cluster Charge while rappelling.
  • Fixed – Cluster Charge can be placed on the frame of the reinforced hatch.


  • Fixed – Blackbeard’s HUD shield icon doesn’t change when damaged.


  • Fixed – Interaction zone to remove Castle Armor Panels is not broad enough.


  • Fixed – Capitao’s PRB92 is named Luison.
  • Fixed – The ejected bullet cartridges from Capitao’s M249 float around the operator.

User experience

  • Fixed – Injection port cover is clipping with Ela’s weapon’s handle.
  • Fixed – GIGN P9 pistol ejects 2 bullet cartridges from a single shot in 3rd person.
  • Fixed – Exhaust gases are missing or delayed on SMGs for first shot when using the Flash Hider, depending on the cardinal direction.
  • Fixed – Players loses most ability to close the Options menu if they applies changes in a specific manner.
  • Fixed – Players are able to join another ranked session after they were kicked out of a session due to team kill.
  • Fixed – Drone sound will persist after it has been destroyed while moving.
  • Fixed – Breaching torch leaves floating debris on the bottom part of walls.
  • Fixed – The user is kicked with delay after performing teamkills and no penalty is received afterwards and also Synchronizing Data message is present on AAR screen.
  • Fixed – The AAR Bonus tab will not update and the user will see the message “Please wait, synchronizing data…”.).