Vanaf woensdag ligt LEGO DC Super-Villains in de winkels en inmiddels heeft Traveller’s Tales de Trophies online gezet op het PlayStation Network. Dat brengt ons weer bij het vaste overzicht van de Trophies die je kunt verzamelen en de lijst hieronder is vergelijkbaar met die van de andere LEGO games.

Kortom, de game platinum halen mag absoluut geen probleem zijn. Wel zal het – net zoals bij de andere games het geval is – best wat tijd kosten, aangezien je 100% moet bereiken voor een gouden Trophy.


  • Here’s to Mischief – Collect all the trophies


  • Anti-Life Finds a Way… – Complete the story
  • A little bit extra – Achieve 100% completion
  • The Main Man’s a-comin’ – Purchase Lobo


  • Crime Does Pay – Max out your stud bar in every level
  • Read All About It – Unlock and view all Minikit Newspaper covers
  • Do you like Gold bricks, Batman? – Collect all Gold Bricks
  • All Together Now – Collect all characters
  • Helping Hand – Complete all quests in the hub
  • Smile! – Graffiti all Picture Perfect posters
  • Fastest man alive – Complete all races in the hub
  • Try Not to Scratch it – Collect all vehicles
  • Man of Steel – Complete a level without dying
  • Can you solve it before we do? – Complete all the challenges in the hub


  • We’re Here to Help – Complete ‘New Kid On The Block’
  • Out of the Cobblepot, into the fire – Complete ‘It’s Good To Be Bad’
  • Treadmill Turbulence – Complete ‘S.T.A.R.S. In Your Eyes’
  • Eco Unfriendly – Complete ‘The Harley And The Ivy’
  • Man or Monster? – Complete ‘Arkham Barely Believe It’
  • Kneel before Grodd – Complete ‘Con-Grodd-ulations’
  • Show Them Fear – Complete ‘Oa No!’
  • You say Shazam, I say Mazahs – Complete ‘Fight at the Museum’
  • Under the Sea-king – Complete ‘Sea-king Trouble’
  • Cooking up a Deathstorm – Complete ‘Gridlocked’
  • An Explosive Entrance – Complete ‘Apokolips, Wow!’
  • Kalibak To Basics – Complete ‘The One With The T. rex Mech’
  • Syndicate Slayed – Complete ‘They Think It’s Owl Over’
  • Monorail Mayhem – Complete ‘Steppenwolf Surprise’
  • Deceiving Darkseid – Complete ‘Darkseid Of The Moon’
  • Granny Loves You – Complete ‘Granny Knows Best’
  • Superman Unchained – Complete ‘Man To Mantis’
  • Stomping Stompa – Complete ‘These Boots Are Made For Stompa’
  • Cannons at the Ready – Complete ‘Arma-Ghetto Superstar’
  • Sing-a-long Showdown – Complete ‘You Kanto-uch This’
  • When they’re in a Cutscene… – Create your own Custom Character
  • A Court of Owls – Have Owlman and Talon together in a party
  • Battering Ram – Perform a grab on an enemy and charge into 5 others
  • That top hat with those trousers? – Change your custom character’s body piece 5 times
  • Hit the Jackpot – Get the x10 combat multiplier – Most Wanted – Achieve the highest wanted level in the hub
  • Thrill Rider – Ride all of the fairground rides at Amusement Mile in the hub
  • Ticket to Glide – Glide for 60 seconds as Batman in the hub
  • Trick or Treat – Have Riddler & Two-Face together in a party inside the Batcave
  • Egg on your Face – Take a selfie with Chang Tzu as any character, whilst having both in the same party
  • The Enemy Within – Take a selfie with Batman whilst playing as The Joker
  • Bad Guy Boogie – Activate dance mode and make 5 characters dance